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Race to Witch Mountain Trailer


Race to Witch Mountain Official Trailer. In cinemas April 10!

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  1. Keefikus says

    the Rock looks so small in this! 

  2. Elene Suliashvili says

    I still like him!! <3

  3. Joan Aurea says

    Cato looked so young and innocent in this but in the hunger games he looked scary and brutal but lets face it no one can resist him..Thumbs up if true

  4. Alex Patterson says


  5. Zety Sofea says

    hehehehe…..i saw cato….

  6. Monkey D.Luffy says

    caido from hunger games?

  7. dennis olsson says

    That reminds me of ET somehow.. =)

  8. rezzaPOWER says

    seth is a career tribute

  9. elsa3dany1 says

    oh comon 😀

  10. CobGeorge says

    I think I just watched the whole movie

  11. Warden Commander says

    The MEME posts brought me here

  12. Madison Taylor says

    Awww baby Cato

  13. DesertStateInEu says

    I like Seth's hoodie 🙂 where can I buy one just like that?

  14. Roi De Guzman says

    Me too . 😀

  15. Aye Han says

    I am jealous of The Rock adn Annasophia Robb .. Both of them was been in a movie with Alexander Ludwig and Josh Hutcherson ..

  16. Aye Han says

    Mini Alexander Ludwig ! Aww

  17. Jo- L says


  18. Gecko Man says

    Sounds good!!! B

  19. Martin Říbek says

    moc dobrý film!!!

  20. hamsa gamr says

    I came here cuz of alex but i saw this movie oh will

  21. Rainbow Cutie says

    fact of life.

  22. Dragnet5 says

    Was this a remake or a follow up as Disney have not been known to do remakes of what they have done before.

  23. Pat Fazzie says


  24. Nueva says


  25. HGcloven says

    CATO bwaaaaaaaaa

  26. Emily Dominko says

    AnnaSophia is so sooooo lucky!!!! She worked with Cato & Peeta!!!!!!!

  27. Jessica Speechley says

    I love Cato (boy from district 2)

  28. Jessica Speechley says

    I love the hunger games

  29. Missmidnight98 says

    What?! I watched this movie and totally had a crush on Alexander, then I didn't even recognize him in The Hunger Games? I feel ashamed of myself. This was an awesome movie!

  30. Freya says

    I bet Cato could've won The Hunger Games if he revealed his powers we see in this movie.

  31. Scoutpower1 says

    Their names are Sara and Seth instead of Tia and Tony!?

  32. Julia Buckley says


  33. Tedi Tola says

    don't forget "THE ROCK" Dwayne Jonhson

  34. texasgirl2299 says

    Anyone a fan of Alexander Ludwig before Hunger Games besides me?

  35. Bobby Weasley says

    Alexander Ludwig = Seth + Alexander Ludwig = Cato = HOT!

  36. Roonasil says

    And all The Hunger Games came here…

  37. Vivien Pham says

    sometimes I cry because of voice changes

  38. Gretchen Rowe says

    Like this is you liked Alexander Ludwig before he was Cato. 🙂

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