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Question: Should I Get a Masters Degree in Computer Engineering or Cyber Security?


First of all I would like to say that I admire your work on youtube and many times your videos helped a lot to go through my university’s projects.

I’m currently doing my final year Computer Science Bachelor Degree and I have started thinking about my master for next year.

I’m a bit confuse thought about what to follow, cause I would like to follow something that it will have a really good impact on my future career, you know.
Im thinking about Master Degree on Computer Engineering cause Im getting really excited dealing with circuits and different components that you have to wire up and then write some code about it.

On the other hand Im thinking about CyberCrime. I think that not many students choose this, these days. So, I’ll have more chances to get a job easily when I finish. Im kind of excited for both, thats why Im kind struggling about what to follow.

All that is my point of view. I would really appreciate if you could share with me your professional point of view. It will really help me out a lot.
If you have any other subject in mind, that it worth to consider feel free to share it with me.

-Kyriakos N.

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  1. ajre82 says

    Everyone's advice: Get an IT job and build up experience.

    Every job post: 3-5 years experience required.

  2. Oliver Starr says

    I mean this as no offense, but this is kind of bad advice. Not every engineering school has a decent computer program. Science on the other hand, there are actualyl a ton of a great computer science schools. A lot of peopel are hiring cyber security like.. IDK if it's covid.. but 2020 is the decade of cyber war. So much to consider this video didn't help.

  3. Shay Spark says

    Crypton this is future!

  4. Abdoulaye ka says

    Having high Degrees combined with knowledge will give privilege over others. I will think about your advise after my Doctorate . My cousin is in Africa Working there while teaching in universities in USA and doing many others stuff all round the world . He would not be able to do this if he only has a Bs but he has 2 Masters and a Doctorate. So please stop asking certain questions when it comes to your future and what you intend to do . Many people fail because they did not listen to their inner voice .


    Why you stopped making videos ?

  6. Shujat Pakistani says

    Lol. You are already confused between computer science and computer engineering.

  7. Mugiwara Luffy says

    Currently doing my bachelors in Cyber security and I'm planning to pursue a masters in computer science or data science, I really am enjoying my degree at the moment.

  8. greenlantern129 says

    hey eli what about computer information systems vs computer science which is more profitable for the person who wants to go the security route but also wants to know the core basics of computers without negating much of that core knowledge base kind of like what they do with cyber security.?

  9. Lodge Architect says

    Why would anyone listen to this guy?

  10. Tasnim Islam says

    What about Information technology: software track ?? Do you need a masters ?? I’m planning on getting masters on software engineering. And my minor is business analytics. Please make a video about this

  11. Minhaj Barya says

    Hey I am from Pakistan… My graduation in bachelors in Computer science and 1.5 year experience in the field of computer science… My question is should I go to MS Data science or should I go to MBA supply chain field..? Plz reply me

  12. KOWSER Gure says

    Those two which one is good and makes good money

  13. KOWSER Gure says

    To study should I go into cybersecurity or web development


    A little bit of social engineering on the police officer, Eli? Haha!

  15. Erik Russo says

    He's so anti cyber security, I think he has some secrets haha

  16. Jeath Tunes says

    Im doing my masters because i sit with no job for 2 years with bachelors degree in computer science

  17. Someone s says

    Cyber security is in mass demand now, hope no one listened to him in 2015 lol, hopefully its still in demand in another 3 years

  18. Fire Blade says

    Here's a question…i want to make a career change and get into computers like ethical hacking and or cyber security…buuuuut I'm 36 years old, so any advise

  19. Default ¿ says

    so is taking a masters in computer science also good ..?

  20. Chris Uche says

    Thank you so much the advise is helpful

  21. Jamkev says

    What’s your thought on master degree in software engineering? I already have a B.S. Computer Information Systems, I have been out of college for 4 years

  22. Jdbxhx Bsbsbsjxhd says

    Just graduated with a B.A in Political science. And am realizing how worthless it is. I can't go back to school. How do i get into Cyber Security.

    Should i start with certifications ? Or is not possible.

    Any advice would help thank you.

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