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Queen- Bicycle Race- Live 4/24/79


Queen performing Bicycle Race live at the Budokan in Tokyo, Japan on April 24, 1979. This was taken from a Japanese TV broadcast. This is also the ONE AND ONLY live version of Bicycle Race in exsistance. Enjoy!

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  1. zalewskimm says

    Looks like it was a bitch to play live.

  2. xxxsniperx xx says

    I’m just a musical prostitute

  3. TheGermanKeyboardSpieler says

    Random Fact: This was when Freddie got the AIDS disease. It said that he got the illness when he was in japan.

  4. RUDI UK says

    Agreed. The Newcastle show is one of Freddie's best performances.

  5. DougSherman55 says

    Roger Taylor's vocals were often turned up way too high. I can't stand his high parts on We are the Champions when played live.

  6. Tanner and Jessie says

    Freddie M. (or just plain Queen) was brilliant. All the songs were always song in great voice and tone. That's probably a reason they're so famous. It's too bad his voice was in such harsh shape in late 78 and in 79. Roger sang a lot. That's probably why it's so rare to find concert footage from these years. Nevertheless Queen and Freddie are great and they had a long run- rip Freddie.

  7. Tanner and Jessie says

    Fred's voice in 1979 tour here was bad same in Japan, it was very tired. Roger had to sing a lot. I also think he was sick, possibly.

  8. jurr47 says

    I don't know what happened to his voice but after 1978 it was never the same. In this concert he's a complete disaster
    I've been watching many concerts and I noticed that since 1979 he started to avoid the high notes and when he reached it sounded thick and harsh. The concerts of their first era are the best, Freddie could easily reach the tunes and besides their music was 10 times better.

  9. TheFredducky says

    They're good at this song his voice just absolutly suck during this tour. This was one of his worst tours ever. It got better though.

  10. Julian Bohórquez says

    Lo genial es que uno sabe que Freddie está mal de su voz en este video, porque lo ha oído antes en mejores condiciones. Pero si es la primera vez que lo escuchas realmente no te parece que cante mal. todo lo contrario

  11. Heidi Abdelrady says

    @icantstopchewinggum so agree he looks good here.

  12. killwill83 says

    I think Freddie had a sore throat or cold doing this show. Or maybe it was just the japanese tour that Queen did? You can tell he's struggling here bit still cleverly chooses lower notes rather than have his voice crack in the middle of the song.

  13. Frisca Marscia says

    Queen is the best

  14. patri mizrahi says

    que graciosooo(LLLL)

  15. THANATOS112220 says

    @shellysmama Yeah I know right man.

  16. THANATOS112220 says

    This not not an early form of rap/rock, this is real rock and roll called classic rock.

  17. anonUK says

    I very much doubt this song was written with the aid of LSD. I don't think it was that popular in popstar circles by 1979. "Bike" by Pink Floyd in 1967, however…

  18. David Champlin says

    Well, this was alright, considering they didn't have seven Freddies and five Brians, but not their best song live.

  19. Romel Lherisson says

    His throat is tired. Funny thing his voice got tired during this period alot. He gave up smoking and drinking during tours and stuff. During the 80's he stopped giving a shit and drank and smoked and all. Funny his voice during tours got better. Well thats what he said during a interview

  20. ThisIsKuroCat says

    No he did not.

  21. Rogermelly01 says

    haha i dont like starwars and jaws is not my scene. if only i had more in common with the legend that is mr mercury. it is noticeable he has throat problems here but still very very good

  22. Vman扮 says

    For what?

  23. uǝᴉʇsɐqǝs ʎɐɯǝๅ says

    he got surgery!????

  24. ThisIsKuroCat says


  25. Leithals Valherus says

    and between the buried and me :S

  26. Ian Matthews says

    um, it's on the LIVE KILLERS album as well.

  27. Matthew D. Garrett says

    Queen is my favorite group, but this was a very low-energy performance.

  28. Lawen78 says

    His throat is tired for sure in this one

  29. Bustagroov says

    why don't he like starwars? ._. everyone loves starwars..

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