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Quantum Computers Animated


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Theoretical Physicists John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis describe how things are different in the Quantum World and how that can lead to powerful Quantum Computers.

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Animated by Jorge Cham:
Featuring: John Preskill and Spiros Michalakis

Produced in Partnership with the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter ( at Caltech with funding provided by the National Science Foundation.

Animation Assistance: Meg Rosenburg
Transcription: Noel Dilworth

Source: https://blogema.org
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  1. murat can karacabey says

    At least I learned the jargon

  2. Esra Erimez says

    0:37 internet explorer icon!

  3. Agent ANAKIN says

    I hear Jeff Goldblum.

  4. Joyson Wildhart says

    thanks for animating my thoughts i should be having while this dude whisper talks in my ear. what i ended up doing was just turning up the volume and scrolling down so i couldnt see the moving video.

  5. Min Yan says

    Why is the voice of the speaker so low?…it makes me a little bit sleepy xD

  6. Muhammad Bin Zafar says

    Great video! I watched it after 5 years it was posted.

  7. agentsmithisalive says

    Quantum computers are a great idea… and always will be. They'll never amount to anything; decades of trying prove it. We're no closer at all. These two undergraduates don't know shit.

  8. Penelope White says

    I think Quantum phenomena does happen at the macro level,only slower and less often than the micro level.

  9. dilophi says

    How can we tell the difference between "probability distribution + ignorance"(like the coin) and "real intrinsic quantum randomness"?
    Isn't the idea of "intrinsic randomness" just a advanced form of ignorance?
    Maybe to show, that even god doesn't know the answer(seen at 02:07) is part of this new ignorance.

  10. sebatian says

    God doesn't play dices!!!!!!!!!

  11. sebatian says

    I think quantum physics is so difficult to even the best of the experts. They are just pretending to know it.

  12. Shashank D says

    hehe "quanfidential"

  13. James Mcenanly says

    What was the question @ 5:34 ?

  14. Rohit Kumar says

    so good animation and simultaneously so boring explaination …why ?

  15. 737NGSIMdriver says

    Was this supposed to be a simple explanation about how quantum computers work or was this video aimed at quantum physicists who already understand this stuff? Mere mortals like most of us would have a hard time making any sense of this video. What would be really nice is an explanation of how a quantum computer can add 2+2 and come up with 4 every time, even with all this 'randomness'.

  16. CnF C.W P says

    Can quantum computing be hacked?

  17. Shiva Prakash says

    Very nice and elegant illustration !!

  18. jezmaloan says

    One of them really sounded like Royce Bracket from the game Transistor

  19. fern Haloo says

    We need to quit abusing electrons.

  20. Connor Force says

    Could a warp drive and an dimensional travel drive both exploding cause a Quantum explosion?

  21. Srikanth Raj says

    This article makes a counter argument. Thoughts? https://edgylabs.com/unhackable-chinese-communication-network-soon/

  22. Learnzz says

    So this means no one really understands it yet or maybe ever

  23. Apache Sakai says

    you are playing with fire, Quantum is evil, the worst part it can
    travel to time to fix his mistake, ( Just like Terminator Movie) When
    the first Quantum Computer functional you will have Quantum Robot with
    Quantum Brain that consciousness . That is the end of Human Kind

  24. Eldain ss says

    There is no such thing as randomness in the universe.
    you may THINK, there are… but that is only because you can not see the whole picture.

    I do not get it why humans keep calling things.. "Oh, that is completely randomness, because if i can not understand it or see the path, then it clearly must be random".

    NOTHING, in the universe is random, just open your eyes and mind damn it.

  25. Abdul Rahman Dhillon says

    a quantum computer with a memory of a gold fish ????

  26. Mike Arroyo says

    how are these quantium computers messing with are time line and the fabric of our reality? how does it pull information from other parrell universes?

  27. francuss tenTyp says


  28. Daren Wilson says

    This video is interesting, and education, but seems a bit short on explaining just what is quantum computation. It does a great job showing some of the characteristics of quantum systems as compared to classical. But it's not clear from this, beyond vague generalizations, how qubits and quantum phenomena can be harnessed to do useful computational work. How, at least in principle, would we add 5+7? Or solve a quadratic equation? Or find a fish in a photograph?

  29. Hamman Samuel says

    The voices of the presenters alone will bore you out of your mind and not focus on learning anything. Plus their explanations suck. There, I said it.

  30. Wicqed Eyebot says

    Is this mean a single quantum transistors is quad core? where a traditional transistor has only two possibilities 1 and 0 but quantum is "0 1 0 1"?

  31. Darth Vishes says

    I loved the reference to the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy ????

  32. BadBoy ` says

    I'll buy one for gaming.

  33. Skiper Nipper says

    why do you whisper ? You are putting me into sleep :c

  34. riblets1968 says

    Okay… so you cannot debug the code or what?

  35. Yashwanth CB says

    can it solve ackerman number with high values?

  36. Alicia Villeda says


  37. Alicia Villeda says

    we live on one plece on one time and we can only see this particular in thad one please even if they are in multiple places in thad time

  38. Timothy Goncharov says

    sounds like a lot of bull crap

  39. prashant kumar says


  40. Katia Vasilopoulou says

    Greek subs, please? 🙂

  41. Felix Chen says

    Wow!it is interesting!

  42. Alan Wang #36 says

    How do you find enough storage space to store so much information?

  43. Kevin Holtkamp says

    SO my computer wouldnt work anymore, because its always open, and i look at it

  44. shysterrtube says

    so the quantum level is illogical I don't buy it.

  45. Tanvir Kaykobad says

    Can anyone give me an example problem that is well suited for a quantum computer? If the solution to a problem is not deterministic (or at least an approximation), how can we take it as a good solution?

  46. Zen says

    im confused af

  47. Voice of Reason says

    faust in his devil costume, another reason to connect the computer is the work of the devil. not

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