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It’s Race Day! Welcome to Day one of Pull Back Drag Racing 3. Featuring over 100 toy pull back cars from various brands. We are racing on a custom 2 Lane continuous downhill. The track is 24 ft long. The picks are in and the cars are ready. Single elimination, Winning car advances, losing car will park. Let’s see who takes it!

Source: https://blogema.org
Read more all post Racing : https://blogema.org/racing/

    If you want to know where we bought some of these awesome pull back cars check out my video over on our LET’S GO PICKIN channel

  2. The bad Channel says

    Child man youtuber

  3. Jessiny Garcia says

    lit me hav some cars they are all nice

  4. amanda goodman says

    At 14:18 you said a Gallardo was a hurican

  5. Renafe Ebanks says

    Hi guys.my 2 years old grandson love this video.he love cars ..awesome video..

  6. Kevin Julio says


  7. Kevin Julio says

    Curang ga panjang

  8. Kevin Julio says


  9. Iron Man says
  10. Kristin Larsen says

    334 cars pull back toy cars

  11. Zala Fazli says


  12. Elijah Jacob Sabale says

    I own the matte red venneno

  13. Sharon Joseph says

    lol there is like 1,000,000 Lamborghini’s in there!

  14. Manic says

    I like the lamborghini veneno

  15. Somefoxguyouttanowhere says

    Ah yes my favorite car, BOGARTI FORON

  16. George Chavez says

    ooroos its Urus



  18. Jonathan Guevara says

    How much do you want for the collection

  19. EnderSam DGAT says

    18:36 war cry

  20. Tafari Andricous says

    Its not hetcat its hell cat

  21. Reverse Flash says

    Go watch 3D botmaker instead of this

  22. Lav Kumar says

    I can't believe that some of the sports cars get defeated by the normal street cars ???

  23. 3 D's and a B family says

    I don’t know if I will see the new video today

  24. 3 D's and a B family says

    Hi I just wanted to let you know that I am going home

  25. Nathan Minnaert says

    Nice gras dat jou have

  26. Letícia Luiz da silva says

    Só foi tomar o vai fala em inglês

  27. Mr ProFire552494 says

    That's my first pull back racing video I watched in 2019

  28. Edilene Filha says

    Wo daido iyyeouudb jriuooa dhud

  29. Account97 says

    Josh is very funny

  30. Vutha Preng says

    I only started collecting this year 2020….going to be where you at next year

  31. Robert Valentin says

    man those lot of cars never
    get bored fun hobby

  32. Jacob Weisskirchen says


  33. Ankita Bora says



  34. Alexander Jarrett says

    Josh's just keep on making those weird noise ???

  35. Rob Manjarez says

    Scale is ?

  36. DIABLO Gaming says

    Woah!… 1.did you guys just bought those for the race!?…LOL….it was fun!!
    2.are these models from kinsmart and maisto!?

  37. funny t.v says

    How did u make the track??

  38. Eliant Villagra says

    Lamborghini green

  39. Jet Voltaire says

    Sana all

  40. Brawl Playz Roblox says

    a buggati? THATS A FERRARI ENZO

  41. Erwin Monteloyola says

    bugardi veyron

  42. tynisha taylor says


  43. TGG eclipse says

    This is very unrealistic

  44. Jorge Rivero says

    The first red car is not even a Bugatti

  45. gilbert Dennis says

    GHOSTJERKER is the most entertaining channel

  46. Eliant Villagra says


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