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Puffin OS: The most bizarre new Android competitor


Puffin OS is a new challenger of Android Go & KaiOS, but their strategy seems flawed…
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  1. riverpizza8019 says

    Wut? In germany under 100€? Im buyin it

  2. Konceited Kai says

    hackers wet dream…

  3. ajsb says

    so this is simply still a Android OS modified that's no New OS.. its just like other modified Android os

  4. abhi videos nd says

    Nice explanation sir. I want cell phone which have puffin os.

  5. S.H Hidup says

    Kai os sounds pretty convincing

  6. james marshall says

    id say if i knew how to rom without braking my phone id go for something like Lingeon os for security

  7. Gol Maal says

    I guess a better path for Puffin would be to sell it as an enterprise server to allow a pool of smart phones operate through the server(s). This would allow companies to have a greater control over their mobile users. It would also allow the mobile devices to be customized for specific purposes.

  8. Reyyaz Eyya says

    Where we can download this os to our Mobile phones

  9. Akhyar Rayhka says

    the only 3rd party os id pay is jolla

  10. Kaishi says

    How should that even work. What they are offering is some sort of CDN and "lite browsing" which Chrome offers out-of-the-box. So nothing spectacular here. It somehow sounds like the SoftRAM scam (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8rxssVFeKr8)

  11. Lo scatolone di Ryoma123 says

    No gaming? Dislike

  12. ZeroTwo says

    isn't it supposed to be compared to Android not the Android go

  13. Charles Canlom says

    Does It Have Youtube Music?

  14. Hamza Sultan says

    The Puffin browser exists outside this sad excuse of a "new product". For me, it has to be KaiOS. Sure, a lot of people do end up throwing down 100$ to buy a decent Android phone, but I personally know people who would benefit tremendously by upgrading to KaiOS, they can barely spare a dime over what a feature phone costs. Also, for people looking at buying a second phone just for the basics, KaiOS is the solution, and IMO, making it harder to use actually saves you time, I know every performance improvement made to technology is followed by bragging about how much time you'll save, but, ask yourself, how many times have you picked up your phone to check 1 notification and find yourself two hours later still browsing social media?

  15. psy cho says

    8:07 rap Bart

  16. Chris Lincoln says

    Isn't this how the app for Opera works?

  17. Vineet Giri says

    someone bring back the old nokia's Symbian OS please

  18. Steve says

    Oh it gets even better lemme tell ya experience from using their browserv
    There's a time when Their browser somehow could messed the phone performance (not a "budget" phone but a midrange samsung $400)

    also add insult to injury even the facebook account got hacked right after using this browser (coincidence?)
    that happened to my family member in 2014 so yeah… All of his performance issue gone after i uninstalled this garbage Do not trust this shady bastard!

  19. Jake Gutteridge says

    But it's just a custom Android ROM…

  20. KangaPoo Pradjan says

    Yet another vlogger who does NOT check the AUDIO LEVELS
    but speech so bloody quiet

  21. Spade's Bee says

    I will choose a slow phone that loads an app or a website for 8-10 seconds rather than using a phone that can load them in just 2 seconds but keeping all your information in an unsecured cloud

  22. Anthony Nelson says

    Linux is just more interesting than Windows or IOS. If you keep your laptop with Windows 10 on it and put Linux Mint version 18 or 19 on another laptop, you can learn Linux at your own pace and continue to use Windows to get things done. That way if something happens, you will still have a working computer and you won't get frustrated trying to learn faster.

  23. Anthony Nelson says

    All of these Android ROMS. Still no true Linux phones that are consumer-grade yet. Money buys lawyers and Senators. Microsoft and Apple have those things. Linux has people-power. Too many distros though. Getting better every year.

  24. Nox says

    Nah I'm good thanks

  25. Anand Kumar Yadav says

    Don't surpess a new technology in the name of privacy just because it's not from US. Okay I agree data through send through web so what it is encrypted. Thats what web is pages and server of your bank is encrypted. If you wanna talk about privacy i can blame google that violates the most. The entire operating system. Dear US don't play mind game learn new things reseach and work hard.

  26. Jan The Man says

    Android is The Best, KaiOS is quite impressive,but this SUCKS.

  27. European Fox says

    Did these guys not learn anything from the failure of Firefox OS? This is basically the same thing.

  28. Amanda Wright says

    PuffinOS = privacy nightmare. No thanks

  29. Batman says

    So basically this is just Android without play store? Mehh google still spies on you.

  30. Gajendra Sonare says

    This is just like 7 years old version of Android

  31. exobyteXL says

    RIP the original Puffin on iOS. I mean, Flash is being discontinued, so there’s not really a point in it anymore, but still.

  32. Geoffrey Stokes says

    Just PinePhone at this point. 150$ runs every mobile OS. Pre-installed Ubuntu Touch. Will have Anbox to run android apps.
    Still in development as a daily driver, but it's far more privacy focused than this hot garbage.

  33. Petar Doynov says

    So, PuffinOS is PilutinOS?!? ?

  34. dokha says

    Now be a real man and talk about sailfish os

  35. Ricean mapper says

    no thanks i prefer iOS

  36. Ken Dahana says

    Yikes, the privacy policy is pretty nasty for a company like them. Malicious one tbh

  37. DiVyAm Claw Fan says

    The problem with puffin OS is that the people buying those cheap devices aren't even aware of the privacy risk they are taking

  38. Persian Hotshot says

    Even if their ROM version of Android is faster now, their server will go overloaded.

  39. Lord AB says

    Why does browsers make new OS's? Opera firefox puffin and more even chrome

  40. WHMDio says

    Me watching this video using puffin browser.
    *shit they stole my info.

  41. Andrew Junior says

    The reason you should never again use chrome, opera and everything else.

  42. movies now says

    andriod go is best

  43. XanthosAcanthus says

    Doesn't amazon silk already do this?

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