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Professional Baseball Player Reacts To The 40 GREATEST CRICKET CATCHES! ft. Alex King


We are back reacting to The 40 Greatest Cricket Catches in British cricket history! Even as a professional baseball player, these cricket catches look almost impossible!

Let me know in the comments what you want to see me react to next!

Thank you to England & Wales Cricket Board for providing the “The BEST Ever Catches | Cricket’s Greatest 40 Catches As Voted By You!” video!
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  1. RexyBing says

    Y'all KILLED that 3k like mark! Appreciate the feedback on the vids, leave everything for me IN THE COMMENTS I read almost every single one!

  2. Steve Spencer says

    Your “Pepper” bunting drill reference to the 5 guys close in is called the slips cord’n.

  3. Rohan prakash says

    Why was the 4th catch skipped..that is the all time best catch i have ever seen..Collingwood catching Hayden at point..full length dive towards his back

  4. Ravi Ragavandra says

    These are just from matches of England

  5. s clements says

    I'm not sure what it's like in baseball when the floodlights are on but some of those in the deep catches especially when skied with a white ball are extremely difficult to see let alone catch it (Jason roy at no 9 springs to mind as you see he loses sight of it and adjusts brilliantly, was a night game too), don't agree with the #1 as that should have gone to maxwell as the catch and the train of thought to be aware of where he is was just immense.
    you'll have to see if there's any big bash or IPL highlights to watch, T20 stuff can be pure madness

  6. Karthik Catoor says

    The glove is an extension to the bat the rules dont change… Its still out if caught

  7. 71esf says

    Yes in the laws of the game, glove part of the bat (also includes handle)

  8. Johnnie Van Duin says

    Yes the hand is part off the bat.

  9. jGjaan says

    cricket may be a bit boring at times. but baseball is such an easy sport.

  10. jGjaan says

    a single out has more value than, lets say 6 runs, or ten or 15. also batsmen on the top of the list have more value, cuz they specialize in batting vs those that come later because they specialize in throwing the ball (bowling) thus kinda suck at batting. so those early outs are sometimes celebrated more.

  11. Matthew Lewis says

    You should watch Ben stokes catch against South Africa in 2019 World Cup

  12. Matthew Lewis says

    Glove is same as bat and loved the video

  13. norbu bhutia says

    I am sure this video was made by some English guy.this is no close be best 40 catches ever.??

  14. Ahnaf Shahin Chowdhury says

    You are right definitely not noumber one

  15. Beth Lane says

    If I got a mitt to catch every ball in the field and especially with my military coach at training smashing them at me, I think I would have so many less broken fingers and hands ??. It would be difficult to manoeuvre it tho

  16. Diogenes the Cynic says

    If it makes any contact then caught it is out. in the olden days they played for the body and glancing shots

  17. Diogenes the Cynic says

    Why do Americans wear mits

  18. Martin Harvey says

    Ben Stokes v SA in WC2019 & Tendalkar's catch @Lords in 1990 test… both well better than Dhawans just for starters.

  19. Obaid Kakaizai says

    Good work by the fielders to catch these but these are outtakes. There are so many better. My favourite is paul Collingwood at point, flying like an eagle to get rid of Hayden.

  20. Matthew Brawn says

    its good to see a c&b, a silly mid on and keeper and a couple of slips. i like these quick catches the most

  21. MIrza Rakib says

    These are only 40 best catches in England’s soil,, there are many catches you won’t believe it if u see,, so I suggest you study more of cricket,,baseball men ?

  22. Michael Jenkins says

    I love that this guy has no context to some of the biggest moments in Test cricket of the last 15 years and is just commentating as though every wicket were equal. And that he immediately calls BS on the no.1 catch without having any clue that it's no.1 only presumably because Indian fans skewed the poll here, even when it's a poll – perhaps – exclusively taken only from games involving England, English domestic cricket, and games played in England. Indian fans! I respect the hustle. I don't watch women's cricket, because life's too short for me not to watch the best in sport, but I have to say that the two catches here from women's cricket were absolutely top notch, both should have been top ten from this lot for me.

  23. thomas helm says

    Need to watch Chris Jordan "Jordan Air" catch in bbl 2019

  24. cordial says

    no.4 is the best one (if its the collingwood catch i remember)

  25. cordial says

    what happened to no.4?

  26. Nilesh Sawate says

    There is a saying in cricket catches win you matches

  27. Ricardo Yearwood says

    Diving backwards is most dangerous and difficult.

  28. Paul Quaife says

    I take your top 40 and raise 1 stokes 2019, https://youtu.be/h7GqCq61Y_E

  29. Jack Bedford says

    If it hits the hands it counts as the bat

  30. IQ 360 says

    Where is Jonty Rhoad's catch????

  31. IQ 360 says

    Yes that's not no 1..I also think

  32. Pethuel Yuille says

    Get a Johnty Rhodes video.. you'll see the greatest

  33. Pethuel Yuille says

    This is far from the top 40 though

  34. devine gold says

    It's d greatest catches by english cricketers

  35. Harsh Morbia says

    There are a lot more catches which are much better and tougher than most of these catches… The selection should be better than this…

  36. Karthik NL says

    Well few things here..
    1. Dhawan's catch is not the best.
    2. There cannot be a list without Jhonty Rhodes, Yuvraj, ABD, Jadeja, Gibbs, Raina .
    3. IPL has many more astonishing catches.
    4. Maxwell's or Finch's catch deserves the top spots.
    5. Thank you for not including the highly overrated catch by Stokes in WC19.

  37. Kannan Jayakumar says

    Mm Maxwell's catch should've been number though

  38. saurabh kukreti says

    Misleading title, many catches are good, but not the top 40 best catches in the world of cricket

  39. The JQ says

    Jonty Rhodes

  40. Joel Buchanan says

    Th glove is apart of the bat as long as the batter has got his hand touching the bat

  41. Ronnie Harris says

    So the ruling is if the ball hits the hand holding the bat then it is out but if the hand is not touching the bat you are still in.

  42. Jayden Smith says

    Best catch ever is still the Ben Laughlin Catch against Melbourne Renegades in the BBL

  43. Koala 10mc says

    Behind the batsman are called gully, slip and wicket keeper
    And the glove isn't part of the bat

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