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Pro Evolution Soccer 2 iIntro


intro del mitico pes 2….

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  1. Cirnoqa says

    Anyone else here because of Bohemian Rhapsody (2018 film)?

  2. Wardieshire says

    Best football game ever made imo.

  3. Roberto Madatek Fornaro says

    Le intro di PES… sempre bellissime

  4. sungjin008 says

    PES2 > PES2014

  5. Vito Teofilo says

    Il mio primo pes…il migliore di tutti…bellissimo!!!

  6. Wesley says

    _______It was LEGEND 3

  7. Speltor says

    0:57 epic

  8. JuanjikoJerez98HD says

    Nunca me han gustado los PES, pero he de reconocer que esta es la intro más épica que he visto en un videojuego. GENIAL

  9. Rodolfo Costa says

    Epic Times! When saw this remember thinking how would next years be, because would be hard top this intro… Still the best imo!

  10. Rodolfo Costa says

    True that 🙂 Always epic! Always a extra motivation for a big a game! 😉

  11. Andy Johnson says

    Best than PES 2012

  12. Ghost says

    I missed that…now pes sucks

  13. Adam Searle says

    0.10 – sale tram stop in manchester!

  14. TheCreedEvolution says

    for me the intro of winning eleven 2002 is better xdd

  15. René Orozco says

    Fuckin' great chilhood memories! ;_;

  16. CVT-FNG X says

    lets see… Spain : 4 Hierro , 7: Raul .. Brazil 2: Cafu 10 : Rivaldo @1.00 ( portugal) Figo @,1.54 Rui Costa France 10:Zidane 12: Henry 11:Wiltord England :7 Becks Ireland 6 :Keane Italy :7 del piero Argentina 9 :Batistuta Uruguay: Silva Holland : Kluviert …its good to be old

  17. cocacola381 says

    my first game on ps1!
    (with spiderman)

  18. forever knights says


  19. alan paletta says

    1:48 batistuta i love argentina

  20. grungeromexico says

    @cslakati jajaja este intro viene en la version japonesa jaja si te das cuenta cambian unas cosas del intro o bueno jugadores, pero creo es el mejor ^^

  21. dobi1992 says

    this is my first game on PS2

  22. Eesh Gadol says

    @3xDavidAuditorex3 we will rock you queen here you go

  23. Semih Senturk says

    queen!? We will Rock you intro of pes 2? WTF?

  24. antinomos7 says

    the best intro.

  25. Ricardo Garcia says

    que intros tan buenos los de los pes viejos proboca jugarlos

  26. Elliot A. says

    one of the best intros ever

  27. Andretz89 says

    bellissima intro, mitico pes2

  28. bolso18goes says

    Me encanta Batistuta haciendo el avioncito, tremendo

  29. Emil Dinkov says

    @darkpenx1 ,

    No is the best for PS1 🙂

  30. grungeromexico says

    sin duda elmejor intro de videojuegos de todos los ps1 nunca conoci un intro mejor ke este

  31. nekezajebancije says

    Heheheh, good ol' Queen. 🙂

  32. THM2008 says

    Brazilian Kanu at 0:30 :p

  33. ubago12 says

    que tiempos aquellos, !!!

  34. woofwoofunited says

    the new PES games will never have intros as good as this, one of the reasons why the ganes aren't as fun as they used to be.

  35. Griskhet seek says

    io ce l'ho ancora pes 2

  36. MaDaSa1992 says

    i hope pes 2011 will be better than 2010 xD
    and than with this intro, the game would be perfect ^^

  37. ILLALLU says

    best football game ever, best intro ever

  38. WWS says

    I never got to finish the game 🙁 but always loved this intro

  39. Canal do Rifleat says

    Alguem pode me dizer pra qual console é esse jogo

  40. jnven says

    I have been playing FIFA since the games went form ps2 to ps3 but before then I LOVED PES and still love it and its sad how they screwed up a game that was SO good on ps2!!! THIS is my favorite football game of all time….me and my friend use to play it ALL THE TIME :)))

  41. Simone Tangredi says

    @TheTupacShow cazzo hai proprio ragione

  42. cocacola381 says

    @joonapoona96 fuck u man go play mario or fifa gaylord loser

  43. alex92regna says

    ke ricordi..il mio primo pes..indimenticabile!!

  44. Davy Rockett says

    The one intro that was never ever skipped. Truly epic.

  45. Donato Colangelo says

    E chi se la scorda più questa intro…

  46. Sora says

    I want the music that is heard when they enter goal…anyone?

  47. akashentok says

    Qué juegazo en sus tiempos y qué gran intro xD

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