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Previews from the DVD "Rebound for the Health of it" by Sharron Ribeiro and her Exercell team. Filmed in a beautiful outdoor park setting.The best exercise ever devised by man according to NASA.


Exercell stands for exercise on a cellular level. Rebounding is the best exercise ever devised by man according to NASA. Thank’s to Al Carter and Reboundair for making the best rebounder on the planet. We offer the best warranty because we offer the best quality and service.

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  1. grace atenta says

    I've had cheaper trampolines before and this is amazingly better.⌯⌯⌯t.co/LdsijttLwh  Great exercise and fun for the entire family

  2. Mrssewhardtoplease says

    Flawed and potentially dangerous, lacks important instructions on form and safety.

  3. NOfr1lls says

    yep i agree. even i was very sad since i workout well for abs but nothing was coming. Between The surprising part is my friend who is not doing much excercises, maintaining his six pack with this secret food items. you can watch out here -> bit.ly/17kr0iN?=ismjy

  4. Legend Carter says

    This video is called: Transform Your life with Rebounding and can be found at rebound-air(dot)com. ReboundAIR also sells the rebounders you see in this video, now even more innovative than before. They come in standard, half fold, and quarter fold and can be purchased black or red. All the parts are covered with a lifetime warranty. This really is "The best built, most innovative rebounder on the planet."

  5. France Trampoline says

    Very nice video ! We love trampolines ! 🙂

  6. exercell says

    Kirusha, you can get it from my website exercell(dot)com (on the upper right you will find the tab English, click on it) or reboundair(dot).com. Stay tuned as we have 2 new DVDs coming up by end of September 2011! Have fun and keep on rebounding! 🙂

  7. Joel Lind says

    ReboundAIR and their all components warranty is really the only way to go as far as quality and value meet together. Their customer service personal are some of the nicest and knowledgeable people in the Rebound world.

  8. Agu Galán says

    @FRANKOGAL totalmente de acuerdo contigo!La cabeza no debe subir, sino que la cadera!No se rebota hacia arriba, sino todo lo contrario!que desastre!Lo peor es que la gente que no sabe lo ve, y asi es como se terminan lastimando!

  9. Darren Carter says

    Excellent demonstration, Exercell!
    For more information about the equipment used in this video, please visit ReboundAIR(dot)com. We feature the best built, most innovative rebounders on the planet. 3 models to choose from. Since 1977. Lifetime ALL parts warranty!

  10. Sonia Saldavia says

    Great to see a team working out together, how fun would that be? I can hardly wait. Interesting to hear David Hall came from the originator of first quality rebounder. I just experimented with jumping rope on my Cellerciser and liked it a lot. Have you tried it? Where are you located? Great introduction to your dvd. Thanks!

  11. exercell says

    @memyself2k That is difficult to answer. Depends on each person, the intensity, the level of height a person is jumping and added weight all makes burning calories different. I can tell you you can burn more cal.compared to most other exercises.

  12. exercell says

    Fact is that Al Carter is the very first founder of rebounding and the very first man who invented the half fold rebounder of quality. All other rebounders are copies. Mr Dave Hall used to work for Al Carter, but left to start his own company. I think his work is great, but it all started from the original Mr Al Carter.

  13. exercell says

    @FRANKOGAL Hello, sorry does not speak spanish. Our spanish friend said that there was a lot of mistakes in your comment…, anyway this is not a teaching material, it is a preview of a great DVD that you can order on our website! More than a thousand people are enjoying it and are healthier that ever. The only requirement is to use the best qualtiy rebounder.

  14. exercell says

    @patkane50 I did alot of research before I decided to invest in a Company and brand. For the price and warranty there is no better than Reboundair. Check.. on my website for prices and how to order. You should not pay more than$ 500.00 for a good quality rebounder.

  15. exercell says

    I am a certified reboundologist, I have been teaching classes for 3 years now. I also have epilepsy. A cheap trampoline does not help me control it, but since I changed to aquality rebounder I have no seizures. In my studies a rebounder can transport the nutrients from the lymph system to all the cells more rapidly than a trampoline because it does not close the valves in the system because of the soft mat. As soon as you compare the difference your body feels and experiences the difference.

  16. Mick Scarborough says

    @exercell According to the web, there is no difference at all between a mini-trampoline and a rebounder. They are synonyms. Can you clarify?

  17. exercell says

    @ilovetoski31 I recommend using a mini pad to help with leakage. It took me 9 months to completely strengthen those muscles. Make sure you are using a quality rebounder and not a mini trampoline. A mini trampoline can do more damage for your uterus.
    You can also try doing the health bounce while doing the keagle exercises.


  18. exercell says

    @ilovetoski31 Hello, This is a very common reaction, especially for women who have had children. Continue to rebound regardless, it is the best form of exercise to strengthen your muscles. (please read next comment)

  19. fetymann says

    @MsKMG123 Google: Carol Health Bounce download

  20. exercell says

    @FANGKENSTEIN Thank you for your interest. You can order this video by visiting my website at exercell.com, click on the tab Products and then DVD. Have a great day !

  21. athiestami says

    where can i get this video. Thanks.

  22. exercell says

    Thank you for your comment, but if you could read the title, the first word is Previews from… so you should have known it is not a full workout. You can buy this dvd if you want a full workout. Have a great day anyway.

  23. KMG Realtor says

    I thought this was a full workout so thats why I gave it a thumbs down. I hate when you guys dont post a full work out video. you get TWO thumbs down

  24. jeffrey goldstein says

    just bought one cant wait to get mine

  25. meow0meow7 says

    Good video but,
    Longest. Title. Evar.

  26. 254wellesley says

    excellent vid has given me loads of tips-well done girls

  27. Mackenzie Jacoby says

    I looooove my rebounder!

  28. Caoimhe Clarke says

    i used to do rebound classes and we did the advanced workout in our very first class! u get used to it after a few mins! its good fun and a killer workout!!!

  29. lambdalambdalambda says

    Funny, what's the "advanced" workout, doing back-flips?

  30. Kev Richards says

    Good workouts but these are not for total beginners. According to the instructions that come with the rebounder you are not supposed to get your feet off the ground in the beginning.

  31. Jump4JoyNetwork says


    PS: I love the song "I can go for that"….

    Have Joy!!!


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