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Press TV | Sports News Opening | 2007


More Works: www.golshanirad.tv
Motion Graphics Design | Art Direction by Mahmoud Golshanirad

Location : Tehran | Iran

Client: Press TV International News Networks

Sports News Motion Graphics for Press TV First Iranian International English News Channel

Adobe After Effects , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe premier and Photoshop.

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  1. Muhammad Iqbal says

    this is awesome! can i use this video for my school assignment please? (:

  2. googie109 says

    @golshanirad How did you create the redish streaks?

  3. FNoScopezz says

    nice work bro

  4. Mahmoud Golshanirad says

    @FM6920 Thanks for your comment….a professional music compositor designed a music for this……

  5. Fran Moreno says

    What is the name the theme song used in the video? My English is ridiculous.

  6. Musa Jabbar says

    have you got a website i can contact you through? we'd like about 6-8 similar vids done for our workshops held through out the year

  7. Mahmoud Golshanirad says

    @zxkw1234 Adobe After Effects , Adobe Illustrator , Adobe premier and photoshop .

  8. Mahmoud Golshanirad says

    @ThatgroupUwnt2Bin thanks for your comment..with credit you can use this video….

  9. Hugo says

    nice intro! The music is cool except for people who work a lot with ReFX Nexus like me… just adding some predefined sequences together, a flanger filter for the bassline and bam finished…

  10. domtrece says

    Can I use this video?

  11. Mahmoud Golshanirad says

    Thanks for your question….A professional compositor work on it…..I did not work on music…..

  12. Cazza182 says


  13. Dean Vermaas says

    Golshanirad ik ben een vriend vanje neefje
    Maak jij ook zulke dingen voor andere

  14. dddevoce says


  15. David Rodriguez says

    hello in which program created this effect?

  16. Florian Hurlbrink says

    Some parts sound like the news from the austrian channel PULS 4

  17. SportsgaloreTV says

    that is great

  18. Bobzy1818 says

    Hey man do u have anything i can contact you on like xfire or msn coz i need your help lol

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