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Pork Intestine Salad Recipe – My Food My Lifestyle


Pork Intestine Salad Recipe – My Food My Lifestyle

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  1. Chester James Bugnot says

    The intestines should be boiled not steam…so that it is tender

  2. Aerman Frost says

    Hi ladies where is my favourite girl she not here? 🤔

  3. Antonio Fred dos Santos says

    Every time I see this girl in the yellow blouse, my heart beats faster, expands, trembles, shoots, runs through my arteries at the speed of light, goes out through my mouth, heading towards Cambodia, like a Lightning bolt. join her little heart. That crazy way of loving, devours my soul. Love is really beautiful, splendid, ah! …

  4. Angela Cris Zan says

    Já comi frito é muito gostoso 🙂

  5. Nerissa Anne says

    It's delicious ♥ Let's interact together 4472852

  6. Pallabi Roy says

    Y u r so irregular?

  7. Fabiola Vasquezz says

    Hagan mas videos. Estan haciendo muy poquitos por favor. Yo te he seguido a ti desde los primeros que comenzaste hacerlos hasta ahora soy fiel seguidora tuya Dios los Bendifa a todos.

  8. Sandy Lhu says

    No se que es eso… pero se me antoja mucho

  9. VALDIR SILVA says


  10. Lana Pereira says

    Não comeria assim.parece ta crua.pra mim so ia fritinho .

  11. Ashleigh Stuart says

    Hi ladies, very good video.

  12. Samika Marak says

    We live your cooking skills 🖤

  13. Amos C. Presley says

    Such, A MUST SEE into A MUST HAVE. Such an an recommended 1 with a improved Kind._ (Nevertheless, me Mr. Amos)..

  14. Dulce Estrada says

    Hagan tacos de tripa 😋😋😋😋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😋

  15. Dulce Estrada says

    Acá en México también las comemos pero en tacos y bien doradita 😋😋😋😋❤️❤️❤️muy rico con una salsa cebolla picada , limón y cilantro picado mmmmm que rico

  16. Lidia Cândida says

    Muito bom

  17. Simple Life TV Ph says

    Hello everyone here God bless and whole family 🇵🇭

  18. Simple Life TV Ph says

    We both loved to cook

  19. Simple Life TV Ph says

    Cute girls

  20. Cooking 5555 says

    Love it Cooking 👍 my friend 💓 first time in the video

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