5 bình luận trong “PlayStation VR COVID-19 Relief Livestream

  1. "Real life spiders after I've been fighting these don't pose a threat"

    ~ Come to Australia, You might accidentally get killed
    Your life's constantly under threat, Have you been bitten yet?
    You've only got 3 minutes left, Before a massive coronary breakdown
    Red back, funnel web, blue ringed octopus, Taipan, Tiger snake, Adder, Box Jellyfish
    Big shark, just waiting for you to go swimming, At Bondi Beach ~

  2. Good vids as allways bro, just got a game from your review few hours ago that i had my eyes on before. The army map over head view one lol, its late forget the name.

  3. I've just got PSVR for the lock down (without move contollers) and love pinball didn't know VR pinball existed a must for me. was going to get werewolves within until I found out no one plays it online and being a online only game kinda killed it. Tried Wipeout very cool ??

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