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Playing your own music on Xbox One to Xbox Music over DLNA


Here’s how to play music stored locally on your phone or shared folder of your pc to your Xbox One for custom soundtracks without having to pay for the Xbox Music service… with some caveats.

UPDATE: The app I used in this video, Skifta, is no longer available for some reason. BubbleUPnP (or just about any other DLNA android app, there are dozens) does the same thing, though. Here’s a link:

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  1. TheArchDemon says

    Does it work with a tablet

  2. YuiDragonMaid says

    but I use Spotify ):

  3. Andy Gallegos says

    does this work on 360?

  4. Ross McEwen says

    Is this app a scam like all those other ones or are you just being sponsored by those shitty apps

  5. Javell Johnson says

    I could not find it

  6. Joe the amazing says

    Wats the app name

  7. joshua Pineda says

    How do you snap music with out a Kinect

  8. H Hh says

    what a hassle, xbone sucks

  9. Azoriez says

    Just use your controller it's faster

  10. Alex Re says

    U can always use BubbleUpnp, but u have to open media player on the xbox1. Still lame that u have to have it snap on the side.

  11. Aviation2016 says

    I can barley talk to my friend on party chat along with this. I want to punch whoever developed this damn snap shit, right in the fucking neck! Does anyone know how to stop the stupid gamedvr recorder to stop recording shit when i didnt ask it to?

  12. ItssKai says

    If you have iOS like I do, then download iMediaShare, works the same way and is free. 

  13. Jeremiah Ostrem says

    I bought skifta movies by accident fuckin a

  14. whitewolf12898 says

    What if i use a different app for my music that the actual music app

  15. ch5412 says

    The only bad part is that you have to snap it. Wish you could play it in the background like 360.

  16. pptx100 says


  17. Alonzo Kimber says

    It didn't even take 2 mins to find and start up…ijs

  18. Alonzo Kimber says

    I couldn't find skifta but I do recommend iMediaShare 1.0.2 it works just like the app he showed and plays on my Xbox music

  19. Doug Wislocki says

    This is absurd. Why the hell would they make this difficult? I guess they just want us to buy from their crappy store? As if we have room to spare on these tiny hard drives.

  20. calvin tanner says

    How do you play music from your phone to your Xbox One, and what's the name of the app I'm supposed to download.

  21. Cory Williamson says

    LOL……. ROFL!!! Kinect sucks. Guess Im adding a third device to my head now, gaming headset + Xbone mic + mp3 player.

  22. Blackronin357 says

    Need a way to do this from my windows phone, shit it should've been baked in!

  23. bigbadpman says

    I can't find skifta in the apple store is there an alternative that works, the ones I've seen just say xbox 360. Xbox one is such a rip off.

  24. ClandestineJesus says

    I have the xbox music app is there a way I could extract it from the app to my PC and keep it forever.

  25. Jacob Matthews says

    Is there a way to download music from a cd like u could on the 360?

  26. Jacob Coombes says

    There is no skifta app on the play store

  27. Nick Prater says

    For everyone having the problem where your Xbox isn't showing up on Skifta:
    Network > set up wireless network > your network.
    Not sure how it will work if you use Ethernet though.

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