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Playing *TABLE FOOTBALL* in Fortnite?!


⭐️ Who will win this crazy football gamemode? 8307-6007-4307



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✔️ This video is kid friendly / family friendly!

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  1. Shadow Yt says

    I use code slogo

  2. Deenesh Naniram says

    You are the gats

  3. Patrick Hagen says

    I used code slogo in the fortnite item store and buyed myself my fav emote

  4. Ethan Mcclure says

    You’re the best Lego man

  5. Ethan Mcclure says

    I love your videos of him and Anna watch over them and I subscribe and hit the bell notifications and light I love you

  6. Jason Varga says

    0:35 that is so wrong

  7. Karen R says

    Jelly’s ?????????????????

  8. Karen R says


  9. احمد قاسم بيكان says


  10. Sebastian Sebastian says

    josh u suc dont heat the ball wen it is on your back dummy

  11. Ana Maria Sotam says

    Use Creator code slogoman ?

  12. Tracey de Vries says

    I used code slogo but I want a skin and I have friends now please make this a shoutout

  13. Gamer 519 says

    I like pizza plus it has tomato and my fav color is red

  14. DANTDM Water says


  15. DANTDM Water says

    Jelly jacked the system

  16. Lauren Hunte says

    I use code slogo

  17. August Dockery says

    Soccer ⚽

  18. Edna Pansacala says

    I heat ? jelly

  19. Aaliyah Mcgregor says

    I used code Sligo in the item store

  20. Carter W says

    No offense, but you guys should not play this again.

  21. Ashley Seaborne says

    On fortnite

  22. Ashley Seaborne says

    Can you please add me sirsmoke999

  23. Ashley Seaborne says

    Can you add me please you are my favorite youtuber

  24. Ashley Seaborne says


  25. Ashley Seaborne says

    What is the code for the map

  26. ULTRA Gaming says

    Ummm it's team PIZZA but It don't matter no more

  27. Bode Craghead says

    I use your code and I am the coolest in my school and I always like and have subscribed and I am in your discord. Like if you are too

  28. Mohamad Alloush says

    Slogoman chose tomato’s coz it was red duh

  29. Jason Varga says

    I play goalie and i can see josh and jelly do not

  30. D7oom Sh says

    It actually coled football

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