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Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 – Giant Football


Welcome to my first video on plants vs zombies garden warfare 2. In this video I explore some of the new characters while playing with Martyn (Inthelittlewood) and iBallistic Squid.

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  1. Leafwhisper says

    I know I’m super late but when he said I died to. Goat it was the imp punt he through before he got turned into a goat

  2. Meg W says

    So much nostalgia

  3. Chris Seeley says


  4. Chris Seeley says


  5. TL C says

    It was you that was killing me

  6. Evan Nave says

    2:25 is insane

  7. DJ Punyer says

    yes he killed someone with the neo move when he had 69 health

  8. DJ Punyer says

    It says imp punt when he got killed back then so he got killed by a mine but then the rugby zombie got turned into a goat

  9. DJ Punyer says

    I think corn and torchwood are the two most op plants

  10. Wyatt Taylor says

    I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. PandaBoyYT says

    corn and citric/orange are the best

  12. Red M says

    Soccer ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️????????

  13. sineroth mike says

    12:32 someones username is wet badgers

  14. Sarah Downer says

    11:14 – jabbing moment

  15. You probably

  16. Lucas King says

    I am sure gamer girl has been on one of my minecraft worlds uninvited

  17. Keidyn Le says

    Islipperyfellow has the same skin as my chomped

  18. Searle Family says

    the coulour of the ball is wich side has it

  19. Gabriel Diniz says

    I am watching this 4 years later it makes me want to cry

  20. Vegeta1708 Doesdiscussions says

    Flower and cacti are my fav

  21. Tamaraeroa Hepi says

    im watching in 2019 are u

  22. Harry_mwalker says

    stampy's laugh: hnya ya ayayayay lol

  23. Jay Pizza says

    You ? liar

  24. Phantom fox says

    Gamer girl is from sis vs bro … right???

  25. Ky_Gaming 88 says

    “I’m going to stick with this guy” immediately runs off

  26. Havoc’s Motion Pictures says



  27. ice kitten says

    12:21 The toxic pea is better.

  28. skeppy fan says

    gamer girl you did well

  29. Stephen Feltham says

    I thought that at the start the ice ball was giant⚽❄️❄️❄️

  30. Deliarose Baldado says

    there is actually a bananasour in gw2!!

  31. Xx_Wolf_xX BG says

    2019 anyone

    stampy can you do more

  32. Dawson Moniz says

    2019 anyone

  33. Callum338 Brown says

    |? | @ || T. How do you make a P

  34. Spencer Oxendale says

    2019 any1?

  35. Kgoldstar says

    Kernel corn is my favourite character in all the plants vs zombies garden warfare games;)

  36. Egg and Rat says

    Hey stampy can you make a video called "agent peas mission"

  37. Bongolisious :3 says

    At the start of the video i thought of building time 🙁

  38. intedy1 the dimond gamer says

    I love you as a hero i,m a boy

  39. intedy1 the dimond gamer says

    I love you.do you play Xbox one

  40. Zeke’s Animated Channel says

    Woo hoo ?

  41. Awe Emperor of Chicken Killing says

    it's called soccer…

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