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Plants vs. Zombies 2 Porting My Own Music To the Game?


In this video, I am showing a gameplay with my own music in the game!
Thanks a lot for lanzacrepers, without his help this video wasn’t exist!

If you liked this song, here is it:

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Thanks for watching!

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  1. Toby Nya says

    And that's why the game has Specific Music

  2. GianGood17 [Official] says

    ahhh I can't get ice bloom,darichtoke or even more. This is bad life ever I never seen I hate Expired Seasons. Oily Season olive pit seed packets only Why the season packet reward is Olive Pit no another I'm waiting for that!!?!!!!???!?!?!?!?!??!!?

  3. Rani Koteiche says

    Just a little criticism, the electric snapdragon is a fan made plant right? Usually the whole premise of the snapdragon line is that it does close range area damage? I soo no deference between him and the electric pea, other than the electric pea is actually stronger and more effective

  4. Robloxin Hod says

    Ummmm it’s still like its supposed to be level 5

  5. Raymond Mitchell says

    Please add sunflower singer in international version and i don't freaking care if twin sunflower is same do it please

  6. Dragonfruits the Dragon says

    Wow, this is amazing! First, custom music in PvZ 1, and now there’s custom music in PvZ 2. This could open up so many doors in the PvZ 2 modding community.

  7. MF Saurus says

    Wow i love ur music

  8. Iz lan says

    Good music

  9. Marketable Puggi Plushies says

    oh so it's possible?
    can you add unused pirate seas music to this game?

  10. WONG JIN HOOI Moe says

    i love ittt❤❤❤❤❤

  11. Sky_ says

    Will you leave the premium plants in your mod ? (sorry for my english, I'm french)

  12. ValMemesAdsNMoreVEVA says

    You're such a crack and a genious!

    This reminded me when I used to play Vice City and Barbie Fashionshow in 2012 with my own music (Inna, Rihanna, Katy Perry…) etc. xD

  13. Xim Xim says

    Also did you change egret flowers ability?

  14. Xim Xim says

    Doesn't look very renaissance to me

  15. ÇTgämê T.V. says

    ok that Cool ?

  16. Oulney says

    Oh gosh! I really wanted to learn how to add/replace music, can you tell, please? ;–;
    I'm making my own mod too.. :p

  17. Alex Zummer says

    Crap, i want to do this too for my friend (he's a musician)

  18. Neon Cat says


  19. Hải vân Ninh says

    Love you video

  20. Alex Murray says

    Wait a min is this worlde going to be in pvz 2 one day

  21. CLUB 57 says


  22. Dylan Esteban says

    Good video like ??????

  23. Emalpame says

    It looks extraordinary!

  24. JDMA 2000 says


  25. The ulPK says

    Yea, i love ur music ??

  26. - Nur Azwa Syuhada - says


  27. Beckett Barnes says


  28. Tuan Tran says

    Cool bro!

  29. A Fares says


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