Pick Up Basketball Against D1 Players ( FIGHT BREAKS OUT)

I know I post a ton of dunks on this channel, but a little known fact, I LOVE TO HOOP. Like I take basketball seriously. And I do trash talk. Thats just me. No hard feelings. Me and Caleb get into a little scuffle but it’s all apart of the game.We were cool by the end of the game. Enjoy the video. I’ll be posting more bball content and hopefully catch some bodies. MORE THAN A DUNKER!!!!
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Jerome Joves Photography

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Pat Galvin

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View: Pick Up Basketball Against D1 Players ( FIGHT BREAKS OUT)

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42 bình luận trong “Pick Up Basketball Against D1 Players ( FIGHT BREAKS OUT)

  1. Basketball players y’all talk so much shlt for playing a sport that puts a ball through a hoop

    How about I go play basketball with all the martial artists people I know and also others that do combat sports and wait for y’all to act tough and talk shlt?


    Y’all fake tough people
    I’ll leAve ur shlt talking asses unconscious on the ground

    I hope this becomes a thing tbh…

    Puzzies will think twice

  2. D1 players??are you kidding??you youtubers are overrated, play versus rec players in parks, I don’t see D1 players. Please play pro am leagues like Drew Leagues, then you can post videos.

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