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Philippines Street Food – AMAZING Filipino Food at Aling Sosing's Carinderia in Manila!


One of the best Filipino food meals you can eat in Manila!
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Aling Sosing’s is often considered to be one of the best carinderias, or local Filipino food restaurants, in all of Manila. The crowd that shows up to eat lunch here everyday reinforces the fact that they are no doubt one of the spots you want to be in Manila, if you’re a food lovers. When I was eating in Manila, eating at Aling Sosing’s was certainly among the best local Filipino food restaurants that I tried.

Aling Sosing’s is a very typical type of local street food restaurant, sitting on the corner of a street, near to Makati. Just like most carinderias, all the food is prepared ahead of time, and sits at the front of the restaurant. When you arrive to order, you just simply pick and choose the different dishes that you want to order, find a table, and they will bring you the dishes to your table. Additionally, some of the famous dishes to eat at Aling Sosing’s are off the grill, and you’ll smell the wonderful aroma of the grilling meats the entire time you’re eating, and it’s fantastic.

Ying and I arrived about 11 am on a weekday, and luckily we beat the main lunch traffic, but just barely. There were tables available when we arrived, but as soon as we sat down and order it filled up. Sof if you eat at Aling Sosing’s Carinderia you might want to arrive before the main lunch rush. Additionally, some of the Filipino food dishes sell out fast, and they don’t cook them again for the day – once they are sold out, they are done for the day.

Here are the main Filipino dishes I ordered:
Pinakbet – A stew of mixed vegetables, oftentimes flavored with shrimp paste. This was the best versions of pinakbet I’ve ever had.
Inihaw na tilapia – The grilled tilapia is quite well known at this restaurant. It was simple and delicious.
Inihaw na liempo – The grilled pork belly is one of their signature dishes, and it’s every bit as good and smoky as it looks.
Kaldereta – A Filipino food I love so much is kaldereta, a goat stew, mainly because I love goat so much. It was oily, but really good.
Adobong pusit – I saw the squid the pot and decided to try it out. It was a little on the sweet side.
Pork BBQ – Fresh off the grill, Ying and I ordered some of their pork bbq. The pork was tender and lathered in bbq, it was amazing.

Total price – 640 PHP ($12.90)

If you’re looking for a local Filipino restaurant in Manila that I think serves some of the best Filipino food, Aling Sosing’s is a restaurant you’re going to want to check out. The food is awesome, the setting and positive atmosphere is refreshing, and the constant smoke from the grill will keep your nose happy and wanting more!

Aling Sosing’s Carinderia
Address: Palanan 5819 Zobel Roxas, Palanan Makati City, Philippines
Open hours: 8 am – 6 pm from Monday – Saturday

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  1. Benz Jackz says

    I've been to Cebu City and man they got some good spots on Banilad.

  2. Ranjeet Sharma says

    So nice your food

  3. Jen W says

    Surprised they are not serving up pag pag aka garbage food. Literally from the garbage.

  4. Hydie Montillano says

    Wowww sarap san dito sa manila,

  5. Robe Panares says

    Hope you visit again in Philippines mark!? specially in general santos city the QUEEN TUNA CAPITAL of the Philippines!?

  6. Anino Pilar says

    Hope you mark can come here in iloilo Philippines ?? we have some delicious foods here ?

  7. Stetson Lott says

    You suck

  8. judiel deguzman says

    Thankyou mr. Mark weins for visiting our country

  9. H H says

    People are very polite. I want to go to Philippines.* boracay island, el nido island, caramoan island, calaguas island,*

  10. Eumir Motopimp says


  11. foodtrip deliciousoo!! says

    I miss that kind of filipino restaurant..called carinderia??:-):-)

  12. Jon Melchizedek Abad says

    laki ng mata ni mark weins pang horror hahaha

  13. Ojie Saniel17 says

    The fly that landed on the caldereta was classic? big mark wiens fan tho

  14. Anonymous Guy says

    0:05 he knows what he's eating…. ? ? (Shows multiple Filipino women in background)

  15. Iwi Tuazon says

    Did he just say “an eruption of chili” lmao. I’m out y’all. This guy always runs out of adjectives ??

  16. Iwi Tuazon says

    Why does he always have to over-exaggerate his facial expressions and reactions? He would close his eyes and turn to the side lol. It’s so wack and so fake

  17. Monique Macalalad says

    640 pesos for carinderia fare is pretty expensive hehehe. I'd go for pusit and liempo. Would spend probably 150 pesos max

  18. OFW Lutong Pinoy in Quebec Canada says

    So delicious…..Godbless

  19. Mabuhay Dubai, my second home says

    wow i love street foods, pls also check my channel

  20. Tray Wood says

    Aww thats awesome! 6:23

  21. Tray Wood says

    the most scaries face ever 5:19

  22. rO F says

    I’m hoping you post pin drops to these locations

  23. bryan fernandez says

    ako lang ba nakapansin kay ateng tinderang nakapink na napa lipbite nung tumingin kay kuyang vlogger ?

  24. Remedios Yambao says

    OMG ang sarap ? i really miss this food a lot of choices sarap ?

  25. Katrin x says

    جيت هنا عشان اشوف الاكل الفلبيني بس اسلوبه مررره مقرف و اوڤر يعع

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