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Peter's Computer – Desktop Cleanup (big play films)


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directed by Nicholas Gurewitch and Albert Birney
starring Peter Willard
thank you Adam Johnson, Katharine Stathis, and Linda Willard

Big Play Films are videos made in accordance with the law of the Perry Bible Fellowship

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  1. zUltra says

    See y'all in 5 years when YouTube recommends this video again!

  2. Марк Радин says

    Next video: Linda find computer in trash

  3. Yamil Alvarez says

    Como llegué aquí

  4. M.C.J says


    Click the link ONLY when it ends

  5. a person says

    The best part of this is how silent and slow it is.

  6. Pete the Norwegian says

    I hate when this happens

  7. RedBear1118 says

    Люблю рекомендации ютуба

  8. Diego Machado says

    Hahhaha it's so funny.. ?

  9. Mr. Death Mask says

    Life hacks

  10. Ashwin TheGammer says

    Fun fact: he is right handed!

  11. Artur A. says

    Look it in bin, near the table..

  12. Zortex says

    11/10 kids already tried it

  13. PoCo • Pubg Mobile says

    Can you do this with my computer becz i not have recycle bin ?

  14. Leon Vollebregt says

    Just press Ctrl Z, it's not that difficult ?

  15. KouderDev says

    Finalmente lo encontré

  16. Microsoft Windows 2000 Fan says

    Most funniest thing u watched XD

  17. Carl says

    yo why this man's mouse at the left

  18. Arin Purohit says


  19. Leandro R says

    ctrl Z, my friend

  20. Minecraftfan Redstone says

    <– To be continued

  21. khalid.6tiger adooa says

    how you can do it

  22. abramov //// says


  23. Gabriel Frank says

    Now after many years you realize his is left-handed…

  24. Merrill Guardiola says


  25. ItsSteveFrom MC says

    At least hes monitor only deleted

  26. KRhythm2013 says

    I wonder if when you defrag the drive it turns into Lego bricks?

  27. Kowser Ahamed says

    Funny ????

  28. Tile Pro says

    At least he has keyboard and mouse

  29. Fusi :3 says


  30. Gabriel Feitosa says

    guys its ok, his grandson already ctrl-z'd the pc.

  31. Erelf says

    My late father used to delete everything on desktop like this telling us aggressively " delete everything!!" when he found out we put some pictures on desktop. ???

  32. J.THECOMENTER says

    What if you delete internet Explorer? Humanity will lost one of his biggest creations?

  33. Kauã Quintans says

    What did you expected

  34. PieterYT says


  35. Milk and Duck gaming says

    try turning it off then on again

  36. ngrblx- roblox says

    Good thing he have still a mouse and keybord and a cpu and no monitor??????

  37. MArGaRiTkA KoS. says


  38. Animeshniy Rolton666 says

    Man, it was a screen and not the computer.)

  39. Я один тут от Ивангая?

  40. Uniir says

    OMG clean the trush

  41. Zycoliptic says

    when your grandparents use a computer for the first time

  42. E E says

    Man Thats Sad And Funny At The Same Time

  43. Anton Lapushkin says

    U played urself fool

  44. ЮРИЙ Хитрый says

    Ютьюб, ты ебанулся?

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