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The official audio of “The News” by PARTYNEXTDOOR from the album PARTYMOBILE.


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  1. OriginxBeats says

    Bruh i praise PND…Only place where good pop/rap music is left in this generation

  2. hayru kaia says

    when i listen dat song i feel like i have a crush and i remember our memoriez wtffffff???

  3. Garry Gomez says

    This shit just made me cry

  4. Johnetta Shonte says

    Started using the word "fruition" because of this song

  5. Main Bhi dank says

    More people should feel this

  6. Main Bhi dank says

    Forget about lyrics
    Just feel it the music production

  7. Khothatso Mphahlele says

    The reason i love OVO music❤?

  8. SeaThe Gold says


  9. Coded Armor says

    wish i could tat the audio to my heart..

  10. Marion Mitchell says

    Hopefully these psychics and fake leave me alone and god.

  11. Marion Mitchell says

    The bottom with no Benefits ???????????

  12. Shivani s says

    I just love this track so much. I just cant explain . ?

  13. Diego Tha’Don says

    Party has forever and always been a whole mood and vibe since the first mixtape dropped ????

  14. Jessica Randolph says

    This hit different when you drivin by yourself late a night windows down a vibeeee??‍♀️

  15. Mariah Ontiveros says

    When I first heard this song I thought it would be perfect for a break up and now that im actually going through a break up I think I was absolutely correct

  16. Aztec General says

    This song is a CLASSIC..don't debate me.

  17. Lux Picaso says

    Only toxic bitches make you write shit like this… I’m about to call mine

  18. Official G.O.A.T says

    This song hit different when u can relate smh

  19. Tj Williams says

    "Used to your bad side baby, I got used to your bad side baby" that beat and vocals sounds like something that a demon made in heaven just so evil and majestic at the same time.

  20. DW DW says

    Holy fuck this came out 7 months ago? 2020 too crazy

  21. Harshee Beauty says

    what’s blue to you it ain’t blue to me…

  22. Andy P says


  23. Steven Strong says

    Shit boring as fuck

  24. Ralph Campbell says

    Joe budden said this the best song ever bought me here

  25. Tracy Knowles says

    High way besafe . . Not foolish .. nextime miles blue not cool. Mm sit room not tied down be happy new get out joy life . News not. Lue .. to said alot things. Some back . No fantastic baeeee new stay blue nose mizzed me no here. Play phone l know bae . Both trpping . Why help by side fantastic pull .me

  26. Frank Matthews says

    Did drake not want to do this song?

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