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Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #191 – LAST MATCH | Football Manager 2020


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  1. Owen Monjes mugas says

    Journalist: Today Tow Law Town manager Work The Space has announced about his retirement from football, this is not only a sad day but also one to think about, about Work The Space career so here we will make a timelapse of his career.

    The first days: Between work the space first two seasons the team was on a row, winning two promotions and scoring a lot of goals, with Sonny Best and Ryan Ferguson as the main names the team won the northern football division two and the northern football division this was the starting point of his career.

    The Two goal machines era: this is the era of tow law between their promotion to the 8th division until their promotion to league two, during this time the main players were DKM, Henri Kumwenda and Layton Stewart, this last two broke every net and scored 30 goals each, thanks to this, the "schoolboy" and the scouser help tow law to win various promotions in a row, being the promotion to league two the most important one, during this time the team won the : Betvictor division one south, the Betvictor northern premier division, the national league North and the national league playoffs.

    The croatian generation: this era started back already in the era of the Two goal machines, but it got it's high during the league two and the Two league one years, during this time Damir Smoljo, and others started their era, this time has it's most important players in Smoljo, Rusell Shuttelworth and Dozell, it got that name because a lot of croatian players became tow law first team players, trough Smoljo was the bunch of the peak.
    This era ends when Smoljo is sold and gets on loan until the promotion to the premier.

    The Shetsov era: the last and longest, divided itself is the era since Andre Shetsov got his work permit, this era has the main names being at the start Shetsov and Dylan Turnbull and at the end Andre Shetsov and Maik Frost, the era starts with the team in the championship were thanks to the russian striker goals the team gets promoted to the prem where Shetsov wins the Golden boot, but, Tow Law gets relegated, the next year the team once again gets promoted but with a different sistem, until them the team played with the 4-2-4/4-4-2 that meant their offensive power, but after the relegation Work The Space changed it to a more defensive sistem, the next three years will be the team transformation into a powerhouse, during this time players like Moragon, Leskinen and Andre started to impact in the team, this part of the era finished after Tow Law wonned the Uefa Champions League against Bayern Munich and then the Dinasty era, this time was the time were Tow Law wonned 4 premier leagues in a row, one invincible, altrough losing in the Champions League in the prem the team dominated, it started after winning the league against Chelsea, then two seasos without competition and when Maik Frost was bougth, and so was Cancina and Norman stepted up after the loan at Juve, the team won the league with an unbeatean season and the next year, this year, they have won the league and a treble, the second in a row, after finishing with 101 points against Manchester United who also got 101 points, Smoljo was bougth back this year and he has delivered.
    Farewell Work The Space, you are one of the greatest managers in english football history.

  2. ImEthxn 9 says

    Sorry that this comment is late Jack but I appreciate everything you’ve done so much. 7 months have felt like they’ve flown and every morning Tow Law was the first thing on my screen. Thank you so much ❤️

  3. MrTobbla says


  4. Aus says

    I've watched most episodes missed a few recently due to going back to work. I did order a Tow Law jersey, but got an e-mail a few days ago that said xl size won't be available until September.

  5. sam bowles says

    where are you in the hall of fame?

  6. Tom Hinds says

    Great series Jack! Thanks for all the hard work you've put it! It's really appreciated! You were even putting in episodes when really unwell until it got the better of you! We do appreciate your content ❤️

  7. Stung in the Park says

    Thanks Jack for the whole series. Love it since Sonny Best era until Shetsov banging 50 goals a season. What a series.

  8. Dean Williams says

    16:45 I see Sonny Best still has his role as England coach too

  9. Dean Williams says

    11:40 if you want more corners, you could always tick 'play for set pieces'. Never really tried it myself and think it might just be a gimmick but no harm in giving it a go.

  10. Dean Williams says

    7:05 It's half past 6 in the morning here and I'm standing up to applaud Shvetsov's 50 goals. What are you doing to me, Jack?!?

  11. Vegard Solem says

    Nico Roth most assists this season ?

  12. Allen Dugas says

    There is a way to resign at the end of the season I'm pretty sure

  13. Lachlan Cameron says

    Thanks Jack, was a great ride!

  14. Elliott Tottle says

    I would absolutely Love to see you flick through the leagues and check out all of the records Tow Law hold’s throughout the English league system!

  15. Malcolm Lowe says

    How many prem goals has shvetsov got and how close is he to Shearer's record?

  16. Richard Barker says

    Thank you, Jack! I've never been engaged enough to watch any YouTube series on any subject from start to end until this one. I haven't played FM for a decade, but enjoyed playing it again 'through' you. If I think back, then what comes to mind is, in no particular order… Sonny Best, Sandra, the Russian takeover, The Schoolboy and the Postman, Layton Stewart, DKM's amazing 'karate kick' goal from the edge of the area, the Gazebo, the sending off in the Shrewsbury play-off semi-final second leg, Turnbull sliding in to score with his 20 Aggression, 'you big, big boy', 'you absolute wassock', 'can he finish… of course he can', 'shouty-shouty', and a frankly ridiculous number of goals and assists from Shuttleworth in your first Championship promotion season. I've loved every minute, and you are such an all-round good guy. What makes it even more amazing is you 'saving' the real Tow Law, and the thought of you being a guest of honour at one of their games where fantasy and reality become a Matrix-like blur is just the perfect end to the perfect series. Thanks 🙂

  17. David Coonan says

    Sandra must be looking at the club wondering how she ever let go! Gutted this was the last full season. But great series start to finish, can't wait to see the next long runner when it comes around

  18. BobbyG Gaming says

    loved the series Jack, well done on providing entertainment daily for the past 8 months!

  19. Andeh070 says

    Watching this game in my Tow Law Town-hoodie makes me feel like I've been a part of the series even more. Thanks for the memories, Jack.

  20. Nathanial Johnson says

    Nico roth top of assists!

  21. Kadin Nuri- Class of 2023 says


  22. Tom says

    Watched almost every series since you started in fm13 and this is the best yet imo

  23. Tom says

    No DKM not even on the bench
    He missed jimmy norris

  24. Tom says

    I'm not crying you are

  25. veygewn says

    Great work, brother !!! Thanks a lot !!

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