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Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #1 – A Club Overhaul | Football Manager 2020


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Welcome back to Park to Prem, where starting unemployed we’re aiming to go from the depths of Non-League all the way to the top in Football Manager 2020.

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Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #1 – Making A Home | Football Manager 2020
Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #1 – Making A Home | Football Manager 2020
Park To Prem FM20 | Tow Law Town #1 – Making A Home | Football Manager 2020

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  1. WorkTheSpace says

    Lots of people are discovering this video and not knowing the was an intro episode of us searching for our first job whilst unemployed!

    If you'd like to see how we ended up in the sunny town of Tow Law make sure to check out the job hunting episode here- ?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oAPGbDS0oa0

  2. Phill Bozz says

    Came back after the series ended

  3. Johan Karpantschof says

    I'm a bit sad you skipped the preseason.

  4. NHL Productions says

    Did he just say he’s gonna “run like a beaver for us”???I love this guy

  5. NHL Productions says

    So does the star rating mean their current ability not overall but in terms of the level that their playing at?

  6. Phill Bozz says

    When it all began

  7. Joshua Saxton says

    Watched the 5 most recent episodes and I’m hooked. Thought I’d watch the series from the beginning and decided to start my own Tier 10 save with Harrogate Railway! Keep it up ???

  8. Roy Gato says

    Those wages in a 10th division club damn…this is a money laundering scheme

  9. Jonathan Langfeldt Jørgensen says

    I came back here, after he bought a player for €300.000.000

  10. Fabian Pascuzzi says

    Which skin is he using? I am using the current TSC Skin Download 1.5 and it looks nothing like this, i cant even get colours on the attributes of the players

  11. nezza23 says

    attribute  masking is a mistake.

  12. VegardVw Vw says

    How does he get a job in the 10. Div? I only can start at the 6 league

  13. Andrew Hyslop says

    Not one player I try and sign will accept a non contract deal. Am I doing anything wrong?

  14. Jamie Liristis says

    Yes, traditional greek name. Kane. Very much so…

    (Unlike mine!)

  15. Patrick Close Strength says

    Crazy to think that Sonny Best would go on to be capped by England

  16. T0bz - 211 says

    Just came back to enjoy the unveiling of Sonny Best, as he hunts for his first England goal 14 years into the future!

  17. Thomas Andreas Parpoulas says

    i am watching this as a cm0102 type of guy and think to myself … all this complexity … is it even fun anymore?

  18. Ivan Shentov says

    "He scored two goals on his debut, who needs passing" – Priceless!

  19. Darren Smith says

    15:50 "I'm not here for sentimental reasons". Says the man who signed Sonny Best! 🙂

  20. Phil C says

    Up the Tivvy town:)

  21. Matthew Edgar says

    What skin is this mate??

  22. ben tinsley says

    When you have the lower tier teams are they still the real players that play for that team in real life? I'm sure I can remember playing a local team near me on FM 17 and they didn't have the correct players in.

  23. Levi chalk says

    you have great clubs in friendlies how you done that they all rejected me?? thanks in advance

  24. Harrison Wray says

    More history than spurs

  25. Dean Williams says

    2:53 "We've got lots of free job roles" An interesting way of saying you have no staff other than an AssMan ?

  26. dzevad mujkic says

    rewatching these

  27. Chris G says

    How do you get this database?

  28. Marc Oliver says

    Great video. How do you identify homegrown players when offering trials? I’ve followed your lead on setting up pre season games with big teams and have recouped over £20000. Do you how you can access this to put into staff and player wages?

  29. joshalderson1 says

    No way I went to school and played football with callum O’Neil ?

  30. Digital Bath says

    Tow Law was Chris Waddle's first club.

  31. Pixc says

    bit late but i'd have said Fergie First

  32. Fauzi Rachman says

    I tried do the same to get money from friendlies but everyone on league one / championship keep refusing to do friendlies 🙁

  33. Just Javi says

    Damn Mr. Blackburn looks like Ron Weasley

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