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Paper Towel Dispenser News


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  1. Seven Lai says

    seems good idea.

  2. Stellify Ryu says

    Wow!! Very good idea!!!
    So beautiful~

  3. Corona News says


  4. Jorge Nolasco says

    esta genial !!!!muy bien

  5. O698 says

    I could be wrong but I was under the impression that it is illegal to put a camera in any public place that someone expects some level of privacy i.e restrooms, changing rooms e.t.c

  6. Alexey Filippenko says

    I thought you'd record how people wipe their asses with your news. Was a bit dissapointed.

  7. Eduardo Aqui says

    Background song comes from Audiojungle 😛 Fresh and Fun theme.

  8. Alex Benfica says

    @Cristina Vilas Bôas, olha que ideia interessante…

  9. Carl K says

    Won't they get ink all over their wet hands?

  10. Ersel Jira says

    nice idea but all those cameras recording in a public restroom is a bit creepy.

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