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Ozzy Man Reviews: Soccer Dives


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  1. Ozzy Man Reviews says

    Check out me 2nd YouTube Channel. It's a talk show: https://www.youtube.com/ozzymanspodcast
    Watch LIVE on Friday nights (which is tonight! In 2 hours) on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/ozzymanreviews
    I take the piss out of soccer, but I will admit it… I've been looking forward to the World Cup. There, I said it. I don't mind soccer.

  2. BIONG RENN says

    They get paid millions for getting exorcised in front of a camera

  3. Hector Garmao says

    Clip one,.. Dirty Leeds..

  4. Krystof Dayne says

    Ozzy you need to change the German translation of the title 😂 football "dives" makes no sense whatsoever in German, it just sounds like you're going scuba diving with a football. The German word for a dive in this context is "Schwalbe", so I guess a good translation would be "Fußballschwalben" but certainly not "Fußballtauchgänge" 😂

  5. a h says

    Was expecting Neymar.

  6. Nostalgia For Infinity says

    South Park should make an episode on these wankers, like they did with pro "wrastling". It's like there's more acting here than football.

  7. Mythki11er says


  8. Karl Falckh says

    Come on Europe….

  9. Carpe diem says

    You forgot to show the names of the actors at the end of this video.

  10. Aaron Coombs says

    Love the one guy 1:34 that's holding the ball just looks down at him and gestures like 'what the hell is this fuckery here?'

  11. Super Bright Brat says

    They make flopping in Basketball look like child's play

  12. Adam Dam says

    Is that Ronaldo? Isn't he meant to be good? 🤣

  13. noely o connor says

    The world is built around cheating lying scumbags , no difference here

  14. operationcwaI789789 says

    If I were the other player, I would fucking injure the faker for real

  15. Chris Mcloving says

    Pussys this is exactly why I don’t watch football anymore !!!!!

  16. mike bigram says

    And people wonder why the majority of the world doesn't give a shit about soccer.

  17. Syed Rashid Mehmood says

    football is the shityest sport in the world, If the ref isn't seeing you can get away with bloody murder, and if the ref is seeing just a stare will earn you a red card.

  18. Jan M says

    1:59 This literally had me laughing out loud. In public. 😅

  19. Evolutionstrigger says

    Feels like middle school

  20. Merl Bartley says

    is soccer for pussies or want? Bobby Baun a hockey player finished a game with a broken leg!

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