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Owning a Magic the Gathering Store During COVID-19 is the WORST


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We are a magic the gathering store located in Houston Texas. We carry most magic the gathering products.

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  1. Ricardo Blikman says

    Most businesses / stores / warehouses / factories only run because they either extort immigrants or use a slave labor workforce in non western countries or exploit eastern European countries. Without the exploitation of those people those businesses wont be profitable at all.

  2. Ricardo Blikman says

    Before dragon maze there where Fallen empires / home lands / ice age / 4th editon / Chronicles. I think quite some dragon maze sold at the start of the pandemic when stores ran out of toilet paper.

  3. Ricardo Blikman says

    Not only that but how abuut many people not willing to spend money on games or on massive amounts of toys because they realized there are more important things in life or simply are in debt and cannot throw money to leisure or must cut 2 out of 3 hobbies¿? WOTC will not allow anyone except Amazon to make money so if you really want to survive as LGS I guess you need to add a couple AV video booths in your store!

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