Organic Regenerative Farming is the Future of Agriculture | The Future of Food

In this film, organic market gardeners Frank and Josje talk about why the supermarket system doesn’t work and how Community Supported Agriculture fits into a new story for food growing. CSA members help farmers to grow the best quality vegetables and to nurture healthy soils by committing to receive a vegetable box every week for a season.

That way, the farmer can get on with growing great food and sending it direct to their customers, without having to accommodate the profit-geared demands of the supermarket chains, which drive conventional growers to produce less nutritious vegetables in ways that damage the soil. This is the future of food, a future in which both people and planet are healthier!

Wairarapa Eco Farm:

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  1. I wonder if robot could do farming, like sophie thing, maybe robots could do vertical farming with led or pipe water thing. That could make unlimited food supplies, and food prices will become cheaper, or free. That would solve everyone's problem, like job. And people wont worry about being homeless, or travelling.

  2. It is actually quite possible to live off of just local food … both produce and protein from local farmers! I am no longer buying food from any chain grocery stores, and am healthier than ever eating plant-based meals. 🙂

  3. Not everyone is in a privileged position to buy a big block of land. I have a 400sq block but trying to grow everything I can in my backyard. One day hopefully Upsize.

  4. Insect (Monarch butterflies for example)also pollinate and migrate over larger areas and reuniting practices and their use of water cycles, bio or eco-regional interactions with Selective Process and Principles in these overall Ecosystems throughout the larger regions so can be very additional to Restore Native Biota and Healthy Stewardship Lifestyles!

  5. Birds travel, migrate and do disperse seeds and opportunities for aiding in Plant Reproduction and Dispersal of Viable seeds. Neotropical bird species do this as do many waterfowl, thus like you said they then help by nutritional input, nutrient cycling, seed dispersal and "prep" (seeds needing to pass through Creature's digestive tract for active germination series) as we know bears and other animals do digest, defecate and move or disperse seeds after consuming fruits or other vegetative materials. Thus seasonal driven Migrations often follow or reflect the emergence of Insect life, fruiting times, seasonal migrations regionally, locally, or larger that enable survival and demonstrate their ecological functions, functioning, and abilities over broader ecological spheres!

  6. I know you all eat healthy but why you sound and look like skinny meth addicts but with better teeth. I am drinking so dont take personal. Take my comment from a comical place and not a serious one. Blessings to you all!

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