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Organic food – hype or hope? | DW Documentary


There is growing demand in the western world for organic food. But do consumers always get what it says on the label? How can authenticity be verified?

Is organic food automatically healthier? Consumers are prepared to pay a significant premium for it. There are currently, however, no reliable tests for distinguishing organic from conventionally produced food. Farmers need to invest a great deal of time, energy and money to qualify as a producer of organic food. There is no proof, however, that organic food actually contains fewer contaminants than conventionally farmed products. There is no such thing as pollution-free food, and there are currently no tests available for reliably distinguishing between organic and non-organic food. That opens doors for lucrative labeling fraud, which in turn explains why there are far more organic eggs on the market at Easter than at any other time of the year. The statistics clearly suggest manipulation, but it is hard to obtain evidence due to the differences between the two production processes appearing to have little effect on the quality of the product. Irish dairy farmers, for instance, are not allowed to label their milk “organic” because the pasture land where their herds spend more than 300 days a year are treated with mineral fertilizers. Because cows are themselves bioreactors, however, the milk they yield contains no trace at all of fertilizer. On average, conventional Irish milk contains more omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants than organic milk from Germany. The reason is the fodder; German organic farms may use only concentrates and silage as supplementary feed to increase milk output – which impacts negatively on the quality of the milk. This documentary looks at researchers who are studying potential ways of reliably distinguishing between organic and conventionally produced food. And that is no easy task. Nearly every foodstuff requires a specific test. But one thing is certain: organic farming makes a major contribution to human welfare – by helping to mitigate climate change, protect the groundwater, conserve nature and promote animal welfare.

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  1. Lopro94 says

    Mr. Hoffmann died this year, he was the father of a friend of mine and lived right around the corner. RIP!

  2. Faraz khan says

    very good journilsm. keep up the good work .

  3. Graham Honey says

    Ban all pesticides, and all other toxic chemicals

  4. Jonathan * says

    I've never understood how it is that Germany people have good eating habits and diets yet still look so unhealthy

  5. 王者荣耀 says

    Very educational and informative Documentary focusing on important issues.

  6. Leonardo Luga says


  7. Keval Vichare says

    Your answer is in ayurveda sir, use ayurvedic technology instead of pesticides and chemical ???

  8. Vicky Bernal says

    I admire Germany organic farming here in North America it's all garbage and it's just for business. I am using organic eggs but it came into my mind to keep the eggwhites and egg yolks in the fridge for a month it just hardened no moulds had ever grown into the egyolk while back home you stored the eggs dor just a few days molds are growing and it has a foul smell.

  9. Suresh Kumar says

    It’s really scary and we all know it’s happening all around us
    Am being a medical oncologist I see a alarming rise of people for my consultation which is not really good
    But we turn a blind eye bcoz not everyone can buy all the time
    I really love the DW documentaries it’s a class apart not everyone has the guts to call spade a spade

  10. David Darby says

    Excellent and informative video.

  11. Lucian Tudor says

    Nice,.,., propaganda,.,!?,., just wondering how nice taking care of animals, how about people,.,.?,.!.,.,.is it the same or as good as,.,.?,!.,.

  12. Ryndin Bacwaden says

    business is business… to make profit…

  13. Susan Apollo says

    Europeans are more truthful and protective when it comes to food.. I happily buy food from Aldi in USA knowing its from Europe where they care. Keep it up we love your food

  14. foxylady19 says

    Yes! If you ever travel to Romania, make sure you buy veggies from the local market (they are mostly sold by local farmers). If you see an old lady at the corner of the street selling eggs and milk outside her house, buy them from her. She farmed them. You'll not regret it

  15. Hughug Picasus says

    Why all these ads. Inside the report… We hate to follow up

  16. Eric Boswell says

    I believe theres advantages to veggies and meats with no pesticides or harmful antiboitics..but THIS Organic Foods..is a complete SCAM!! U cant grow unpesticed foods, anywhere near crops using pesticides. Its just a scam for gov to milk more money from farmers..

  17. Eric Boswell says

    And Government wont interviene?? Maybe its deliberate?? Its certainly a way to milk more money from general farmers. Government allowing this..theyd rather have big deliberate profit companies than the regular famer. Yall not making them any profits..

  18. Health Matters USA says

    watch and learn

  19. Steph Schlemann says

    I normally enjoy the impartiality and insight provided by DW documentaries. Alas this documentary exhibits high degrees of confirmation bias which doesn’t surprise me given Germany’s idealism driving their Bio (organic) industry. And so DW presents a raft of fringe scientific studies which suggest potential dangers with conventional farming. Unfortunately DW documentary runs contrary to scientific consensus regarding the benefits of organic farming to health and the environment i.e. at best inconclusive and at worst unsustainable..

  20. Bob Terryson says

    Watching those bits of animals being minced up and packed into condom like tubes is truly disgusting, organic or not.

  21. anita Cordua says

    Bio can be Better and we bred IT All to be bio.

  22. benz minibus doc says

    Is organic produce healthier? Maybe not immediately for the consumer, but how can anyone in his right mind doubt that avoiding poison isn't ultimately more healthy, starting with the ecosystems, finally also materializing in healthier products. Prize in the damage done by poisons, organic food will ultimately be cheaper than non-organic

  23. Lifes2short says

    No animals should be eaten at all. Organic or not.

  24. Bobby K says

    Bio… haha… we exploded 2600 a-bomb on this planet…

  25. Zhang Ruyi says

    I buy Duchy because the vegetables and milk taste so much better.
    I am glad Waitrose sells Duchy produce.
    Please stop using chemicals on our food produce.

  26. Paquito Ignacio says

    Don’t know the difference on organic products, they seems taste same with me.

  27. Livenlet Live says

    Anytime the good souls want to help you by putting you out of business when they ignore the conventional massive farms, they are NOT your friend. One day the more and more little farmers will have enough. I had a neighbor who did. The power company came in and sprayed every year. The chemicals were so strong they would kill a 40 foot tree in 3 days. The old man finally had enough. He waited one morning until they got to his poles. (The guy was 82 years old). He stood up and warned them, the first man to climb that pole dies today. He meant it. They knew it. They brought in helicopters and moved the poles 150 acres over to another neighbor. It doesn’t do a lot of good to imprison a 82 year old man. Especially one that cantankerous

  28. Kim Senior says

    It makes one wonder, is anything safe to eat or drink?

  29. Kim Senior says

    Ban herbicides & pesticides!

  30. andreas schaetze says

    My granny is 94 eat organic all her life, didn’t get any vaccination, still tends the garden, drive car, cook fresh every day and is the most healthy in the family
    „Fresh is fresh!“

  31. andreas schaetze says

    An easy check for healthy eggs. Put a raw egg on a plate. If it has a high dome, is orange and a toothpick stuck in the yolk stays upright

  32. andreas schaetze says

    I buy lots of real food from the farmers around the corner where I know they don’t use crazy stuff

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