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Only one of us can win the Olympic Games!


Krew plays Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020!
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  1. Victor Huang says

    I've played before… and im god at the gymnastic ones

    ( ^w^ )
    |/ |/

  2. Rebecca Ropele says

    Should sonic, rainbow dash and flash be friends

  3. Doreen Beleutz says


  4. Emily Reynolds says

    Me: does everything fun he does and playing the game and being peach idk I like peach and I beat funnel at the throw one

  5. stfu_ you says


  6. stfu_ you says


  7. stfu_ you says

  8. stfu_ you says

    “I feel like a bird~”

  9. L J says


  10. 吴君银 says

    yassssss second place is the best?

  11. Louella Jacy Steaffanus says

    i feel sad for funneh

  12. lana equine says

    as an equestrian i am quaking

  13. Randi Howenstine says

    We a lose but we are the only make friends as losers

  14. Tyrone Lennox says

    Funny sonic is not great at swimming me:look under sonics name it ses swims fast

  15. Alex Romulo says

    Funneh: i feel like a birdddd

  16. Meredith Tillotson says

    My little sister is making a make up YouTube video

  17. Taras Gaming World says


  18. Emma Farrell says

    Draco its
    1st the worst
    2nd the best
    3rd ends up with a golden dress

  19. Cute Tea says

    Funneh is not the best at horse rideing

  20. Jonah Madera says


  21. Rainbow Cookie says

    Your in Canada?! Lucky I think I live far TwT

  22. Mike Juliet Bayle says

    us super sonic

  23. Cell Man says

    Ive got this game!

  24. Eyak Atsaseret says


  25. Eyak Atsaseret says

    Draco is cheating everyone don't like even subscribe dracula's cheating don't subscribe 2-channel dracco and like

  26. Adah Cajayon says

    Rainbow I’m gonna be the winner
    Some one else won
    Rainbow it’s okay

  27. Berry Squad says

    They say first is the worst second is the best

  28. Wawot L. says


  29. kong yang says

    I have dis game on mah switch and me and my dad play it the first time we got it

  30. Jose Vergara says

    I hace ps4

  31. Amar M says

    The one time funneh doesn’t play as sonic he wins first place

  32. AJO Gaming says

    That lose

  33. Kristy Cannon says

    I am actually on swim team so I’m good at swimming

  34. Who swins with Shoes? Not me :p

  35. Stevey Adams says

    Funneh says sonic not great swimmer sonic wins swimming chaleng3

  36. August Bear says

    Everyone having this game:
    Me having the 2009 wii version: I think I’m out dated-

  37. Basia Posadas says

    Me . Sonic is funneh
    Me. And Draco is uh

  38. Basia Posadas says

    Funneh is sonic

  39. Leo P says

    I like how funneh said I'm blue sonic:me are different colored sonic

  40. Sarah Bird says

    Draco because we practise karate
    Me in real life ???????

  41. Ashley Cho Sum Yau says

    i rock climbed before ;-;

  42. Lilly Sparkle says

    0:02 kook

  43. Bayanaa Jagaa says


  44. Ariq Gaming says

    Funneh As Sonic: I FeEl LiKE A FIsh

  45. Sofia Maricar says

    Di-d anyone see that Draco Winned look at blue sonic look at her eyes ? ???

  46. Mileura Camacho says

    I. Feel like. A. Bird

  47. stephanie hughes says

    Im from Canada too Go Canada ??

  48. Fa Koala says

    I tried sonic in swiming but then i notied sonic doesnt kno2 how to swim

  49. Queen From Jersey says

    Replace rainbow with me I would've got first

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