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OG vs Nigma Game 2 | Bo3 | Upper Bracket OGA Dota PIT Season 2 | DOTA 2 LIVE


Commentary by @ZyoriTV & @TrentPax

UpperBracket OGA Dota PIT S2 2020 Online LIVE Stream Streaming
OG vs Team Nigma | VODS Full Match VOD Full Game Gameplay | NO CASTER without ENG English Cast Commentary / Caster / Commentator | Best of 3
Nigma vs OG
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  1. Josh Chacko says

    I miss Ana so muuuchhh

  2. arnab prasad says

    Initially they thought of putting ceb doom in offlane but holy things went south after the slardar pick… And midone isnt a good carry player for og at all..

  3. Izzat Najmi Azhar says


  4. Jorge Luis TLV. says

    Miracle the best, AGGGGG

  5. yess mate says

    Why nigma name censored with *****?

  6. Marz Abuanpz up sl says

    Like it tho, miracle playing as captain ??

  7. Chumren Lotha says

    Kuro should retire asap . Nigma exciting without him.

  8. john de juan says

    Jerax way way better then Saksa, and Ana > midone

  9. Erief Aditia says
  10. Nathapong Kongsila says

    What a game??

  11. David Gorey says

    FV was bad here regardless, also DK or BM or BB better than brew offlaner vs this nigma draft

  12. Amr Geissa says

    Secret recipe: Nigma without Kuro wins, OG without Jerax loses.

  13. Isaac Alexis Rivera says

    kick saksa pls

  14. M0rtem says


  15. i Berlin says

    Mind Control always exciting against OG. Tips and chat well all long game.

  16. Kael 'Thas says

    34:31 gh pog

  17. Sujin Shrestha says


  18. Peter Romell says

    Mid one is a tier 3 carry lol.. Kick this foool

  19. Arcival Palma says

    midone shoudl change his name to sucksa

  20. Laufan Maneja says

    Better this way without kuro

  21. Dugaraa Lili says

    Gh god amazing

  22. Andrés Bonifacio y de Castro says

    Kuro is gone? can someone inform me? been out from dota for months now

  23. Louie jay Rekamadasu says


  24. Calvin Kndy says

    Miracle is the best captain

  25. Hapones Tv says

    Visit my house to new update for dota

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