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Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video


Step-by-step how to lend games to your friends.

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  1. mahirul islam simanto says

    that might be the smallest video I've ever seen

  2. Lonewolfz 153 says

    and they say that why we support playstation over xbox

  3. Givemeriffs 1414 says

    Don mattrick sony employee of the year 2013

  4. MAGNO TuF says

    O míseravel é um gênio!!!

  5. DJ Akademiks Supreme Hoodie says

    Thanks YouTube

  6. ultima579 says

    Xbox: Helping to sell PlayStation since 2013.

  7. Sin3007 says

    This is what caused Xbox to fail hard

  8. Ligit_Erz says

    big meme LOL

  9. Kyudo Kun says

    Microsoft: Implement's 24 hour authentication and restrict used games.

    Sony: So you have chosen death.

  10. NEED4SPEED RUSH says

    La cagada de Microsoft ?

  11. dasichsyndrom1 says

    a fist to steam

  12. Bakanio Bakanio says

    This was an absolute Tea baggin of Sony to Microsoft. ?

  13. Ivan Soedjono says

    Microsoft: NANI!?

  14. الي اجى من مقطع ريباد لايك

  15. Shimaa Moula says


  16. General Grievous says

    X box in that day 😕
    Ps4: >:)

  17. Retro King says

    The whole generation was over right here. Nothing else mattered. Everyone bought a PS4

  18. Danilo Carmona says

    *sad microsoft noises

  19. Swami natha says

    Best facepalm video by playstation team. And hilarious too.

  20. S Line says

  21. kapil bhalerao says

    It was a Nice jibe at Xbox and its DRM

  22. Miguel Angel Zambrano Mora says

    I think it was something importan not that?

  23. M3G4 says

    Very useful

  24. Great Philosopher says

    Just to let you all know! Now, (after Halo Inifinite demo shown and pathetically failed ) the graphics don’t matter anymore and only the gameplay matters. P.S Xbox fanboys.

  25. raine happy says

    Yes, but is the PS5 backwards compatible with PS-One, PS2, PS3, or PS4?

  26. Akirex 5000 says

    How to win a war in 22 seconds

  27. Don Chopee xd says

    Got it Chief.

  28. Tushar Gupta says

    And this is how Sony made the most savage roast in history.

  29. Tushar Gupta says

    And that, is gentlemen, how you roast the xbox in 22 seconds.

  30. RuinKing says

    This is still gold

  31. Elijah Stanard says

    How Sony won the console wars in 22 seconds

  32. AshProyect 7w7 says

    porque justo me recomiendas este video youtube?

  33. sami khan says


  34. BlueMoon says


  35. Nikhil says

    ??? that was very very cool ?

  36. Eddie Hoo says

    Lol Microsoft still hasn't learned. Different set of issues, but still.. they've been so disconnected from gamers ever since

  37. HarBoterMan says

    Thanks! That was really helpful!

  38. JARED B says

    all these years later this is still hilarious

  39. Ashutosh Joshi says

    And that kids, is how i met this beautiful console XD

  40. Mojito-GB says

    Gues who calls themselves "consumer friendly" right now. ?

  41. Abbas Champ says

    And now ps5 can almost win the generation after the disappointment people got in the series x event

  42. _denzoned_ says

    And thus blood was spared and PS finally ruled the gaming world again.

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