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Here are some pictures of Oddly Satisfying Food.
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  1. Calbel says

    Happy Friday everyone! What are y'all planning to do this weekend?

  2. Elizabeth Charlton says

    0:34 "mom, is this all of my lunch?" "Yes son, I wanted an interesting picture for the internet"

  3. Chris P Bacon says

    0:20 the good ol' days.
    Only 2019 kids will remember

  4. Whispering Mischief says

    the last two make me wish all of these compilations could be narrated in rhyme.

  5. Emily 0205 says

    We all know what that person is going to do with that banana

  6. Vexake says

    *beat * this banana's perfectly straight

    *beat * this waffle is on my place

    *beat *

  7. Milk Cult Leader says

    0:53 Well It's deffently not a misSTEAK HA HA HA… Im gonna stop now

  8. says

    But i want my banana gay

  9. Soviet Union's Son says

    Why am I watching this ? I already ate and it's 11PM pls help me I'm hungry

  10. DerBendix says

    0:09 Trytophopbia intensifies

  11. RedDenzTNT says

    That onion made me cry

  12. Abby Art and Animations says

    0:17 theres a “L” in the top left corner

  13. Jo La Fave says

    i died

  14. Big Poppin’ Jake says

    0:41 hey I only see like 3 inches, why isn’t it infinite sours of onion?

  15. ImagineBeingJC says

    0:00 marble fade 😂

  16. Ariann MiniMin says

    0:31 they must’ve watched the klohés whole video on how to do it

  17. Synchronized Todd says

    The last two is a rhyme XD

  18. Mike’s World Tour says

    1:39 Unlike me

  19. Ryan Goldman says

    Can u please stop using the Siri voice it terrible if ur really that impressed of ur voice than just have text

  20. Mena says

    0:33 Hi, I'm Kourtney and I'm going to show you how to organize your cookies.

  21. peepee man says


  22. Mr. Jazz moose says


  23. Rekojeht10 says

    1:371:44 BARS

  24. kiki8008 says

    0:47 you shall die…..

    who the f puts onion on theyr pizza

  25. Awesome Ellyse Plays says

    It would be weird if this random comment got like a thousand likes…

  26. DMG Overdrive says

    who tf eats onion on pizza

  27. Dolphinboi - Play Monster Rancher says

    First of all, if somebody puts onion on my pizza I'm gonna to put them in mass graves with the pineapple people.

    Second of all, that much chocolate would taste gross as hell. Whipped cream>>>>icing

  28. SCP Time says

    1:37 guess I can't eat it then.

    lgbt jokes

  29. Chrice Chiu says

    1:22 *Voxelated

  30. K8tie Is just here says

    Roses are red
    Top of the morning to ya mate
    This banana is almost perfectly strait
    The waffle fits perfectly in the plait

  31. Legendary Legend says

    I usually don't get satisfied from satisfying videos but most of these did satisfy me. Good job,1 star for you.⭐
    (this is not a rating on the video just so you know)

  32. SWaveyyy says

    1:37 BONONA

  33. cuckling says

    im almost perfectly straight

  34. Tyrus says

    0:53 that looks disgusting

  35. Moni macer says

    1:03 Thought It was an egg

  36. Jesus's fav enby says

    Now because of this video, I'm hungry ;-; why

  37. Mika Chan says

    0:11 my trypophobia!!!

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