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Nuffield Health gyms reopening: Keeping you safe and healthy


We’ve missed you and we can’t wait to welcome you back. We’re doing everything we can to keep our gyms as safe as possible for you, and we’re asking you to follow a few simple rules so that you can keep each other safe too. Let’s do this together!

Find out more about how we’re keeping our gyms safe for you:

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  1. Arbiter Of Reason says

    Hi, so can i not change into my gym gear and put my things into a locker?

  2. Jjeremo Bobslay says

    Cashless? You can’t do that, cash is legal tender

  3. Johnny D Legend says

    The main issue I have is in respect of not being able to use the shower facilities after a workout. I train in the morning and head to work directly from the gym – so until the "no shower without advance booking of swimming pool" policy is revised, it's not practical for me to resume membership just yet…

  4. David Whiteley says

    I have epilepsy I can’t use the swimming pool without a someone with me the gym equipment im ok with

  5. Lee B says

    I will not be renewing my membership in any gym until I can use all the facilities.
    £30 a month for only using 30% of the facilities is robbery.
    Lower the fees to match and I'd think about it.
    Gyms are not cheap for many people
    I expect to get what I pay for.

  6. Mac MacPherson says

    Nuffield look at the comments in this stream and take action!

    You need to significantly reduce membership fees in line with the significantly reduced service. We know covid19 is not your fault, but it IS your fault if you don't treat your members fairly as a result of the restrictions. According to you, i've got to come in my gym gear, be in the gym no more than one hour (i'm usually in the club for 2+ hrs each visit), i have to try and book a swim lane (this will be almost impossible, it's often difficult to get/share a lane even before the restrictions), i can't use the sauna, i can't use the steam room, i can't use the jacuzzi.. then you don't want me to shower in the club… this reduces my gym experience by about 80% (not including the fact i might catch covid19 whilst there)… and, incredibly, if i want to defer my membership past September you're going to make me carry out a completely unnecessary visit to the gym, for something that can be done online or the phone

    I'm a 20 yr member now on the brink of leaving unless you reduce fees in line with the reduced service or allow members to defer membership until they are ready to come back… come on Nuffield, you didn't make this crises but you sure are making it much worse with the lack of your common sense management

  7. John Dowe says

    Well I'll be trying my local Nuffields gym this weekend. Unfortunately if I'm prevented from using the changing room or showers it'll be an immediate cancellation of my membership at the reception desk. I commute to the gym and travelling without washing after a sweaty workout is not an option!

  8. ania johnson says

    Price need to go down now nobady use gym

  9. Obelisk LeTourmenteur says

    I dont use Facebook as I dont like the the way they handle my private data. Is there any other place where I can track the gym capacity/
    busyness ?

  10. Alan Smith says

    Who produced this video for you? You'd have been much smarter and wiser to talk about the restrictions the government is placing on gyms. You would have been best to talk about your increased costs and that therefore you are doing everything you can to ensure members are getting value for money. Instead, you ignore it and anger members by taking the rap. I work in Marketing communications and this is a 4/10. Find me on Linked In and I can help you next time.

  11. west boundbadger says

    Maybe save your vitriol for the governments handling of the covid crisis,…Nuffield's have done everything they can to reopen the gyms while keeping to social distancing as much as possible,…Its no fun for anyone so maybe all the negativity can stay with you rather than staff and other members that will make the best of a bad event.

  12. Jane Myers says

    Excellent ?

  13. Aimcon Surveys Limited says

    I appreciate these restrictions are being placed upon by them by the government and that its no ones fault this virus is here and doing what it does its just nature but I do think Nuffield need to bite the bullet and reduce membership fees as the level of service is being considerably reduced. I feel your pain Nuffield but hopefully this will be a temporary problem and you may lose so many customers who may just never come back.

  14. Andreas K says

    People being treated like robots. All this is a mafia to make people hypochondriac, isolated and terrified, so that they then go and get vaccined.

  15. Martin Potter says

    Happy its opening, not happy about cashless payments. No custom from me until this is removed!


    My gym in the Docklands has a massive maintenance issue.. probably about 1/3rd of all running machines stop being available throughout the day because they break down.. it can make it impossible to find a running machine.. so with reduced capacity this could be unworkable.

    If your charging the same bug with reduced capacity.. this issue needs to be fixed…


    I have a big question.. the 1 hour training thing.. what happens if we get there and it’s full.. do we have to cue outside for an indefinite amount of time? Can we book slots?..

    If I’m working I can’t come to the gym and wait indefinitely for a slot before doing my workout..

    This video didn’t really tell me anything.. itv was nicely produced.. and I want to get back… but really confused how it’s going to work practically.

    Any help would be appreciated.


  18. tod315 says

    You need to make face covering compulsory. It doesn't make sense that they are compulsory in shops and not at the gym.

  19. TheWildWilf says

    What about people who don't use Facebook??? How are they supposed to keep updated?? Come on Nuffield expand the App so it's inclusive for all members

  20. Big Bones says

    Can I do half hour swim then 1 hour in the gym?

  21. Li am says

    Surely this should be a different video for each gym?

  22. MES says

    Membership cancelled! Thank you for the good days! Bye!

  23. ReefSome says

    I am personally Canceling my gym membership until gyms are back to what they where before lockdown . I feel with all the restrictions I am getting half the value what I am paying for. I mean no sauna, no steam room, 30min classes, restricted amount of people allowed to enter the gym, 1hr max to be in the gym ect. Its easier to workout from home as it looks to be a pain in the backside waiting to enter a gym or working out then being told to leave. I know it's to keep up all safe, well can't be safer then working out from home which I have been doing since lockdown or join budget gyms as they offer everything that nuffield does at 70% off the price .. Good luck nuffield its been a blast

  24. HiggsField says

    I've been a member of my local Nuffield Health gym for 20 years. With all these restrictions in place, if they don't offer me a discount on my membership, I'll be leaving.
    They are out of their minds if they think they can justify charging full price for this level of 'service'.

  25. KINETIK FREAK says

    Seriously, that's the best you could come up with, what a waste of time and money. Some of your clubs were filthy un hygenic cesspool's for months upon end, more prone to giving members infections and bacteria worse than covid, but it didn't make much of a impact then to take action did it yet members still came and went as normal without incident, I'm not impressed.

  26. Sue Holder says

    I do not understand why you cannot bring a sweat towel. What are we supposed to do when you break out in a sweat during the workout.

  27. Melissaaaa says

    So I'll be able to train 1 hour only for £56 a month?!?!?!?!?!?!

  28. rit73 says

    Hey Nuffield Health, you are a bloody disgrace !
    It is not law to take members' temperatures so why the hell are you doing it ? Thank god I am not a member, I would be cancelling ASAP.
    Wow cashless as well, this is truly disgusting.

  29. Rookie_DIY says

    This seems like overkill.

    Can we suspend membership if we want to wait until the gym stops with these measures?

    Membership should be offered at 50% to match the level of service offered.

  30. Dave Turner says

    All well and good having this video but they should do a video for members home nuffield gyms so they can see what the lay out is like before they go back no point in having a random gym on the video.

  31. D Hughes says

    Cancelling my membership & my wife will be gone too.

  32. Claire Monk says

    This video does not cover the concerns we have about returning to my branch of Nuffield AT ALL. The branch is too small for you to be able to put the measures shown in this video in place credibly. For example: (1) the changing rooms, classes room & pool are all under ground, with no natural ventilation, and can only be reached down narrow stairs (where 2 members cannot pass without physically touching). (2) From Christmas 2019 to Mar 2020, the whole changing floor of our local Nuffield gym suffered from a breakdown in your ventilation and extraction system which went on for weeks without Nuffield successfully fixing the problem. Even before the Covid lockdown, for several weeks the changing rooms were too damp and humid to use safely. (Mirrors were constantly misted, the floor literally sweated moisture, paint peeled off the walls because everything was so damp – all underground, with no natural ventilation.) For several weeks, Nuffield took NO effective action on this. Yet now, as a company, you ask members to believe that you are experts in ventilation, making our gym safe to return to. Unless you can give credible details of how you have made OUR BRANCH Covid-19-safe, we will NOT be able to return and will need to continue to suspend our membership – or cancel it. Do you care?

  33. gshaw86 says

    And this is why my membership is remaining frozen until all the restrictions are lifted. One hour max at those monthly prices, I'll stick to home workouts for a while longer I think…

  34. Mourinho The bus driver says

    What if you bike to the gym? Surely the temp check will stop you entering

  35. Hartley Hare says

    What a total load of bollocks?

  36. Rey* says

    So, is the membership price going to be reduced to at least half of the price or are we going to still pay a fortune for all the limited services from now on?

  37. Cslash D says

    When is sauna and steam room reopening. I can’t find an answer anywhere.

  38. Martin Dorsett says

    I've been a member for years, but our club at West Byfleet is very over subscribed so I think I will be cancelling my membership until this gets back to normal. Its hard enough to book a class 8 days in advance at 7am…if class sizes are significantly reduced then pretty pointless trying to book. No showers, no cafe, one way systems, short classes, no kids allowed for swimming and having to book for swim (and loads of people dont turn up when the book classes normally, all sounds like a complete farce, yuk. Make more sense to invest in equipment at home.

  39. Andrew Davis says

    Impressive stuff – looking forward to getting back in there.

  40. Sean Keaney says

    is this a joke??? clearly they don't want us to be healthy or go to the gym, for something less deadly & less contagious than the flu??? definitely not using their own judgement here, especially with staff using masks, i'll be cancelling my membership until you put it back to normal, or never.

  41. Professor Waffle says

    What a joke i think when i get some money im building a home gym so where paying full price and can't use saunsa steam rooms at all and can't use pools without booking and an hour in the gym im guessing thats just guidance cause i do more then an hour in the gym as i do upper lower split rather then body part

  42. Adrian Barnes says

    Looking forward to being in the pool again; ideally I would like to book the slow lane for 30 minutes maximum, up to three times per week. I have some barbells at home and have been working out with them. Subject to your experts, I would workout with them and then come to the club for the pool. I have lost 11 kilos during lock down and wish to continue the good work at our club; many thanks.

  43. 20paul says

    Omg using a gym this way this looks like a terrible and pointless experience! Obviously not nuffields fault but no way I’ll be paying a membership while all of this is in place

  44. Kavita Pal says

    Truly can't wait. Much gratitude for all the measures you are taking to ensure that we can all get back to enjoying our own personal method of fitness. The small inconveniences are inconsequential in view of the fact that we can workout and enjoy the gym once again. Thank you.

  45. IT'S ELL-S-D says

    Get ready for a new spike

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