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NOTNICE: Interview on TVJ Entertainment Report – May 1 2020


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  1. Living Tammy says


  2. Darrion Bryan says

    Not nice ya king bigup Anthony Miller the G.O.A.T

  3. Hit Itz Radio says

    Not Nice Intelligent yute!!!$ Contrary to his name, he seems to be very nice.

  4. Jermaine Gordon says

    Lisa Hanna,such a beautiful

  5. Shad Gray says

    Can see he does not want to talk about it….

  6. St. Michael Anthony says

    Jamaican music has become a total joke.????

  7. OneDon Es Tv says

    Great tune Producer me just did want the Gully Gad pon the tune but a so the thing set up.

  8. Ginel Gordon says

    Popcaan nuh waah share?

  9. LionFoot TV says

    Some people nuh waah share the food

  10. Rodrick Bennett says

    Popcorn mean bad don’t like give

  11. king yahbo says

    Big up Notnice

  12. Peres Dixon says

    Notnice is a good guy,a brilliant producer. He's smart,he will make without popcaan.

  13. Tonylion Bryan says

    Notnice is very hurt by the situation I really hope them treat him better he seems to be a real cool man.

  14. Romain Dennis says

    Big up di bro God?

  15. Corner Stone Entertainment says

    Notnice real master mind ??

  16. CRYing Souls says

    Jesus is LORD

  17. CRYing Souls says

    Who God bless. U use ur gift fi. God

    All a dem have to serve God soon.
    Do. Good artist. Righteousness b a leader

  18. wane hite says

    Still the baddess producer and you can see seh him humble.

  19. Official Max Element team says

    Link up big bad producer maxElementvevo

  20. L.E.A.D NEWS says

    me own a private security firm in ja and trust me rate him fi seh dat cause suffer a big lost

  21. Omari Campbell says

    Always rate this dude ??

  22. #1 MOB_GAMER says

    Lol notnice no easy eno. But ofc the world boss hve to always want be number 1 because s the greatest just like Usain bolt.

  23. Jah Radicks LeBron R35 says

    Notwise is a straight country bwoy — his whole demeanor ..

  24. Elvin Hartman productions says

    big up Notnice


    Notice is a true ? king

  26. OneShot Media says

    Nonnice and Poppy a family. Dem fi fix that quickly and make good music!

  27. javade daley says

    Notnice a general big big big producer

  28. Khalid Lee says

    Ddddddd mom of my son?

  29. Phanatix talk Show says

    This is jus vybz kartel time ,hate him or like him that wont change the reality that this man bin running Dancehall 4 over a decade from behind bars and dem stil cant flop him instead wi see alot flipup and flop

  30. Phanatix talk Show says

    This is jus vybz kartel time ,hate him or like him that wont change the reality that this man bin running Dancehall 4 over a decade

  31. Supreme Pablo says

    dwag fava shit

  32. Alva K. Allan says

    certified ✅

  33. trending dominic says

    Hey notnice if youre seeing this plz pay some attention to trini dancehall!

  34. Toxic Boy says

    Big up notice. U a real youth

  35. Ugent george says

    More then any one think

  36. Barbie Harajuiku says

    Popcaan a badmind bwoy like annie palmer neva want si a next yute rise

  37. up up says

    Notnice you and poppy work it out man. Two good youth, I look up to unnu sort out unu family n money matters. We need to keep the little brotherly love intact in the music community its already very absent. You guys can continue making the difference even friends fall out sometimes unu sort it out

  38. GR7 Scott says

    Prime minister say wear mask in public space but the prime minister don't wear mask in parliament what a prime minister a brain wash educated dunce

  39. Da Mani says

    Notnice yah real youth big up yuhself, don't stop weh yah do no time

  40. Garry Maxwell says

    That we are song is very powerful and good but way too political tho in terms of the visuals

  41. Ovando Spencer says

    Big up self notnice keep doing what you doing

  42. Marro Morrison says

    Big up to notnice, great producer, but jah know, from you see him, you know seh him miserable nuh rahtid ????.

  43. Shantel Lewis says

    Yow poppy show u need to know real people an keep dem♥️♥️♥️♥️the world need love too much hate

  44. manifergi says

    Kartel knows his time should be up, that’s why he is giving every Dancehall artist a kick up the ass. Y! He’s trying to get them to see the light so he can pass on the Baton. So far only Popcaan seems worthy but even he still has to do more to become a dominant figure in the mainstream & to make use of this Drake deal. Even though I think signing was a wrong move let’s see what happens. Many have done it before and never propelled to another level because they weren’t smart or had the drive.

  45. manifergi says

    Notnice we need real dancehall riddims please. Real core dancehall music needs to come back or else we are doomed forever

  46. manifergi says

    Notnice shouldn’t struggle he’s a good producer. But I hope they sort their issues out

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