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Notes From Magic | FREE PONY RHYTHM GAME | launch trailer


The pony-themed rhythm game is now out! For free! All you need is an ordinary computer keyboard!
Download here:

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  1. Schwifty Stardust says

    Okay, I do have some criticisms for this. You don't seem to be able to hold down notes other than the ones you're playing, or else it counts as a miss. This isn't how regular Guitar Hero works. Upstrumming doesn't seem to work either.

  2. IdiotGamer says

    I just noticed you featured my video from 2 week ago on the website, thanks a lot! I haven't played much since then and didn't even notice an update had come out, so I'll be checking it out soon. Thanks for your hard work 🙂

  3. Alexander Engström says

    Well done! I'm glad to have my charts in the game!

  4. OlympuzMonz says

    What alien language r they speak?

  5. IdiotGamer says

    Nice job, I always wanted something like a pony themed skin for Phase Shift, and the animated backgrounds are awesome! I just found out about this project on EQD a few days ago, so sorry if my questions seem too newbie-ish. Is there a way to change the controls on keyboard? I'm already quite used to strumming with different buttons on Phase Shift / Clone Hero and I would rather not have to learn new controls. Also is it possible to add our own songs into the game? Thanks!
    EDIT: I figured out how to add custom songs.

  6. Meow the Cat says

    Can we just get the Clone Hero charts collection

  7. Wolf says

    Out of curiosity: have you had any success with the new eevee in the blender 2.8 beta for faster renders?
    Maybe having the background rendered with eevee and the foreground rendered with cycles?

  8. faze man says

    What guitar is recommended

  9. Io Fls says

    15 балов из 10

  10. E says

    Hello, Setup! Did you add without the song of new york evolved or not.

  11. CoffeePonee says

    Awe Hell Yeah!

  12. Elias Nicolas Miranda says

    for what i read some of the comments this took 6 years?
    wow congrats

  13. Chiptune Mist says

    Hmm….. [Gets fingers ready]

  14. Nitro Fury says

    Cooool dude ! hope this game could survive

  15. Conker139 says

    oh hell yes thank you!

  16. MI252Z Super show says


    Its was 6 years

  17. moonlight_ shade says

    That was weird

  18. The Gaming Rose says

    Yooooooooo, 6 years.


    I can finally return to my rock band roots once again!

  19. GREEN PUG says

    Hi set up happy to see another of your videos

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