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NOT SORRY ABOOT IT – Canada's Drag Race Season 1 Queens


It’s The Dwolls versus The Mooseknuckles as the Season 1 Canadian Queens do battle in a song and dance diss track showdown. Watch the full episode on WOW Presents Plus:


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  1. Harvey Salunga says

    the choreography is giving me michelle visage kitty girl realness

  2. Molly H says

    A solid three of them knew the choreo

  3. João Marcos Santos says

    Lemon's verse is lIterally so GOOD

  4. Tony Rodriguez says

    Say and think what you want about BOA but other than Lemon she was like the only Queen to "introduce" herself and "bash" some of the other Queens! 💙👏🏾👏🏾

  5. jack frost says

    Jimbo was unexpectedly good with her verse, obviously the choreography was very lack luster but like… The verse was pretty great NGL

  6. creon potier says

    Why did lemon do that random ass split in the beginning

  7. blacklugh says

    I Will start a freaking petition so they put this song on spotify like guuurl

  8. Thomas Gerald says

    The shade of the cameramen

  9. Cruz Arellano says

    And Michelle visage would hate the makeup and choreography

  10. Cruz Arellano says

    Jimbo and rita did good

  11. BeckyMayHowarth says

    When is there gonna be a studio version of this to drop please?

  12. ted1990 says

    Ok but who is Ki Ki?

  13. blacklugh says

    Kiki Wanna kai kai

  14. SilverFickle says

    iconic tho

  15. SnickersDudeREE says

    0:48 lemon, u ok there? 😳✨

  16. Infernallullaby224 says

    Literally no one:

    Me in my head: Nick Nack Patty Wack give a dog a bone

  17. Joshie says

    Ok but when’s it on iTunes

  18. Alyssa Joubert says

    If lemon doesn’t win this season…….. imma be so mad

  19. Anthony Robinson says

    Dancing is horrible.

  20. Crimsonite20 says

    As much as I stan Jimbo it should have been her in the bottom with Ilona

  21. Fadhil Ramadhani says

    I still laugh at Anastarzia living at 2:31

  22. Kati Dube says

    what song were they dancing to

  23. Samuel Soares says

    At least it was a better version of Trump: The rusical. #NotSorryAbootIt

  24. Stavros Sgouros says

    #TEAMPRIYANKA. The other girls…Forgettable.

  25. Kitty Gonzales says

    I looove Boa's body and outfit here. It's giving us plus size babes hope

  26. Qiaowee says

    Unpopular opinions apparently but Priyankas verse was actually really boring

  27. Henry Newman says

    Okay this episode was judged so wack how was Kiara low, how was lemon not high and how was jimbo not low or in the bottom

  28. Răzvan Mihai says

    have a rap diss with only the Top 5 or 4, having both teams on the main stage, sounds great for the runway, not the rusical challenge. have both teams face off, at the end when they're sorry aboot it (South Park refferance).

  29. Nicola Mazzoleni says

    Jeffrey is so fake

  30. gemspml says

    Love the verses like most of the girls killed it but the choreo is the worsttttt

  31. Marco Aurélio Gal says

    At the end they all clearly don't know the words and are just mouthing desperately. I love it

  32. Enzo Kalani says

    The lyrics are great! Too bad most of the choreography was pretty bad 😅

  33. Anthony Marline says

    I unironically love this whole song. I love these queens

  34. SnickersDudeREE says


    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  35. antek szczeklik says
  36. Angelica Moira says

    Rupaul's Drag Race Musicals are better than this… even if they mess the musical, it's not as cringy as this 😬

  37. Shayla Hall says

    Audio is so good but whewww the choreo. Still super entertaining though. Love this group of queens

  38. thespqrguy says

    I love that most of them are just embracing the fact that they're not dancing correctly

  39. Gecko Boi says

    i adore jimbo HOWEVER she deserved to be in the bottom and not starisa or however you spell her name like that one rhyme heat beat and beat my meat was so good and funny

  40. guizinho says

    omg jimbo's performance was the cringiest of them all but i loved her verse

  41. iamironman says

    Lemon belongs in season 13 girl, y'all be wasting her talent on this messy TV

  42. Will Whalen says

    The choreo was just walking around kinda

  43. Saeyoung Choi says

    I just realized that Lemon looks just like Scarlet Envy.

  44. Jordan Arellano says

    This was so messy, I see the top 3 from this performance alone

  45. Dane Routson says

    Put this sh*t on streaming services already. Da fuq?!

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