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Non-League to Legend FM20 | KING'S LYNN | Part 1 | THE BEGINNING | Football Manager 2020


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The first episode in the long-running FM20 journeyman series Non-League to Legend sees us taking charge of the first club in this year’s journey, King’s Lynn Town. Will we conquer Football Manager 2020 or add another sacking to the collection? Today’s video is an introduction to the new club and a chance to meet the team so we can start thinking about transfers, training and tactics.

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  1. Peter Halpenny says

    When you actually are watching 6 months later and still check the twitter just in case before watching the video

  2. Joshua Webb says

    I couldn’t even stay in the wage budget in my first season with Boston 😂

  3. Loony Jack says

    Used to live next to kings lynn lmao

  4. David Self says

    Currently on 3rd season with king's Lynn and top of league 2 after 28 games played. Won the vnn by 1pt over Kidderminster and flew through vnl winning the title with 109 points losing once. League 2 is more of a challenge as wage budgets etc and tougher teams but currently leading the way.

  5. Oliver Terry says

    watching in 2030

  6. Malcolm Boyd says

    Hello I just sucrbide

  7. Gary Matthews says

    My one goes all red on the front screen

  8. BoneyTheLynx says

    I'm a new comer to your channel and love you managerial style. But lay off my beloved Cambridge Utd 😆

  9. Jeffrey Elliott says

    Fun fact nwa world's heavyweight champion Nick Aldis is from king's Lynn

  10. Brandon Finch says

    My local team couldn't believe it when I saw it 😂

  11. Flame-inn-Gun$ Gaming says

    Thanks for the code to get the game cheaper! Bought it, glad to support the channel its so fun watching these and I learn a lot.

  12. Connor Watson says

    First time here

  13. EADS Music says

    Nice to see Adam Richman is playing Football Manager

  14. Stephen Powell says

    Didn't know you live in Deeping too.

  15. VIRAL VIDEOS says

    Does the game come with the ingame editor, If not how do I get it with the game

  16. Jamess says

    You could not do that with that mortgage. You would need a buy to let mortgage for the second house meaning you would need a 25% deposit

  17. Nathan says

    Up the linnets!

  18. Blowe ! says

    I’m a supporter of kings lynn they deserve to be in league 2

  19. Harry_R6_Gaming says

    Ello mate. I live at lynn and would like to be in a video. My brother Jack frohawk used to play for lynn but now plays for downham. How about going to watch downham. Not a big club but my bro is good if u want to watch him

  20. G_Wolf United says

    Go live in hunstanton lol

  21. Jody Tooke says

    Kings Lynn are playing some beautiful football, Those lads are something else this year

  22. Billzy TV says

    Great looking save! Hope this progresses well 🙂

  23. Matthew Howell says

    Kev for new Arsenal Manager

  24. A K says

    I don't get it @lollujo why do you have to cancel affiliates?

  25. auFMusic says

    nice series but what the fuck is wrong with your hair? your not 20 James grow up

  26. syteanric says

    Up the linnets!

  27. Fin Hay says

    No way does he live 15 minutes away from me

  28. astandet says

    Champions League Final: King's Lynn vs Wisbech lol

  29. Twan Reijnen says

    A 49 year old goalkeeper, are you mental?

  30. Owen Bellamy says

    Only just realised you live about 10 minutes away from me😂

  31. D Perks says

    Big Kidderminster fan enit so no offence but hope you lose to them

  32. Eagle Vision says

    I gave this a like after i saw the mortgage calculator lol

  33. Wilson Breckenridge says

    Ohhhhhh yes!!!!!

  34. Henri says

    What non league pack are you using

  35. The Trucking Football Manager says

    I'm back for this season. Looking forward to it.

  36. Nick Darko says

    Nice badge tho

  37. CFC J24 says

    Should I buy FM20, I’ve never played before

  38. CJR4 says

    So like I don’t understand this series, do you move team or do you try and take this team to the champions league

  39. George smith says

    Should’ve been warrington

  40. willex junior says

    J'aime bien ce challenge ! Bon courage ✨👍

  41. Dark Knife Eats says

    I like your voice so I have subbed.
    Also I’m able to play your videos at 2x speed and still understand you 👍🏼

  42. owN-77 says

    yes! let´s go!

  43. Devon Eckhart says

    Im an AMerican with very little football knowledge, but i love this game and your channel, can you explain to me why you had to dissolve your affiliation with Norwich?

  44. -- says

    The walks made it to youtube up the boys😭🙏

  45. Cameron downes says

    Well this club is fairly local I mean its in the same county than me

  46. Liam Peck says

    Finally I’ve found a decent FM series too watch!! Keep up the great work I will be watching this series I love doing a non league career !
    You’ve definitely gained a new fan with me 👌🏻

  47. SAKARIAS says

    Honestly, I have no clue what I do in these games.

    I just spend all my budget on buying transfer listed players from higher tiers, watch them dominate in lower tiers and sell them for profit and subsequently watch as my team hates me for selling our star players, but then being appeased again when I buy someone new.

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