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Nissan 240SX S14 VS Silvia S15 DRAG & ROLL RACE


It’s the Ultimate drag race, roll race between a Nissan 240SX S14 with a K24 Honda K-Swap and a stock Nissan S15 Silvia with an SR20DET. The S14 also sets a hot lap to see how much faster it is with the following parts:
Core4 MotorSport BBK:
Sikky Front Sway Bar:
SuperPro Rear Sway Bar:
Drag Cartel Endurance 002.2 Cams:
Supertech Valvetrain:
K-Miata Intake Manifold:
K-Tuned 74MM Throttle Body, Fuel Rail, & Clips:
RDX Injectors:
Tuning By Nick:
Coolerworx Shifter:

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Favorite Tools:
Astro LED Work Light:
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Fluid Transfer Pump:
Uvex Face Shield:
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Canon OES R Camera:
Rode Microphone:
Zhiyun Gimball:

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  1. Speed Academy says

    For those of you wondering why we didn't track the S15 vs the S14 it wouldn't have been a fair fight! Once we build the Silvia S15 we'll have a true track battle.

  2. mick leeds says


  3. mick leeds says


  4. Duh Volvo says

    Can we see a KA vs SR battle

  5. kc550 says

    I feel like the 240 has the appearance of a 700+ hp monster, when there's just a little K24 under the hood. I don't know, it's such a clean and beautiful looking car to make such small numbers. Maybe you guys should take a page out of the Boosted Boiz book and throw some boost at it. Something that spools quick and maybe takes it to around 400hp.

  6. -KJ Legendz- says

    My 2 favorite cars

  7. Eddy2Litty says

    What is drama alert doing

  8. Itr 1244 says

    Vtec = winning recipe lol

  9. wparsons says

    Any chance of pulling the FRS out of storage for a drag/roll race against the K240?

  10. Loud Mike Media says

    So Canadian

  11. Kester Maingot says

    Where am from they are both costly but I still like them both an I enjoy the SR because that's my daily…

  12. Dan Rowland says

    What size wheels and tyres are you running on the s14?

  13. Leon Jones says

    Drag racing is so dry…..why not let the car AND driver talk on a circuit?

  14. Duo Maxwell says

    Dave needs some more track time practicing launches… bloody embarrassing bro WTH..and why y'all dragging a stock car against a modded car? for shits and giggles?

  15. NibbleSnarph says

    Does a really light flywheel make red-line shifting easier, or to be more accurate single engagement red-line shifting easier ? I wouldn't imagine a short shifter has any noticeable affect but maybe it does.

    What is allowing them to shift at red-line without double clutching?

    I just know that in my BRZ if I up shift at 7400 in 1st 2nd or 3rd, the ~2.5k drop required in RPM to line up the next gear is way too much of a gap to just slam it through on one clutch engagement, I have disengage while in neutral to slow down the layshaft of the transmission every time, otherwise I risk wrecking my synchros.

  16. Yen Lewis says

    Bring up the turbo horsepower to the non turbo car and then you will have a good drag race

  17. pFbSpecV says

    Sr20 is a dieing breed!! Overly expensive! K series, 4g63, and j series swaps are taking over!

  18. Jesse says

    So… how about the k20 civic vs the k24 240sx?

  19. Francisco Vasquez says

    great buildon the K-swap but would cost the same as an LS swap 240????? keep up the great content amigos

  20. Tyler Schwartz says

    S14 sounds so good. How come honda motors sound good when you take them out of the honda

  21. lolaazour says

    the s15 with boost up + tune would walk the s14 =(

  22. brightside85 says


  23. Zeroyon says

    $50 of mods and the S15 would keep up. Then take 10% of the k-swap budget and it would walk it 🙂

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