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Nintendo DS Game Censorship – Did You Know Gaming? Ft. Dazz


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In this video, Did You Know Gaming takes a look at some facts, secrets and Easter eggs surrounding Nintendo DS games censorship, including several games that were censored such as Super Mario 64 DS, Mario Party DS, and Pokemon Platinum.

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  1. DidYouKnowGaming? says

    Thanks to ZenonZard for sponsoring this video! Download ZenonZard here and get 240+ cards for free: https://bit.ly/3iQqS34

  2. Sonic Ace 007 says

    The only thing I learned from this video is that allegedly "Islam is the light"

  3. Spectrum. says

    Ahh yes needless Islamic prejudice

  4. 【Vocaloid English】 says

    1:41 to skip the ad

  5. Wesley Billy says

    OMFG people are too sensitive. If you don't like the game then don't buy it. Its disappointing we have to cater to other peoples sensitivities.

  6. SparrowMusic says

    6:00 – honestly I think the censorship actually makes this WORSE. Ordinarily I'd just look at the one on the right as a silhouette of the person and nothing more, but the inclusion of the bikini just brings more attention to the "assets" that they want to cover.

  7. Alan Finck says

    The audio is way too crackly my phone. Just saying. This isn't an issue with other videos.

  8. mrwhippy101 says

    Why censor the god reference like Zelda one of the biggest franchises has lots of gods and goddesses

  9. Approaching Calamity says

    1:40 thank me later ?

  10. BansheeNT-D says

    Rip Slotmachines. 🙁

  11. Thisbreadisfine says

    Gun in warioware: ??
    Mass murder in gta: ??

  12. Kurushi says

    Virtual cock fighting in pokemon is ok but god forbid kids play a slot machine.

  13. Aashir Hussain says

    I didn’t know games like Mario ds was censored in korea

  14. TweckArt says

    have you ever covered trauma center series? i have distinct memories of discovering the game through your videos but i cant find any video with the game.

  15. Munino says

    Fun fact, the Japanese name of Feel the Magic translates to "I could die for you"

    so uhh yeah that also got changed

  16. Alumlovescake says

    How decrimnate can someone get

  17. Ixbran says

    "Oh em ge, they censored the casino gambling mini-games in these games!"

    Why do people like this shit in games anyway? Like seriously I'll never understand why people waste their time on gambling, let alone gambling in videogames.

  18. raidramon0 says

    In all honesty, I'm glad they removed the slots from later Pokémon games. Trying to win 9999 coins for a Porygon was not fun.

  19. John Doe says

    Whether or not the game itself is censored game box art has always been changed due to anime tiddies. I mean not always look at DOA Beach volleyball that somehow snuck by and some others that I forget the names.

  20. Ksta The Shiba Inu says

    What kind of fricking mother gives their child a game called "Baby Pals DS". Like, bruh, I get why people play Nintendogs, not everyone can have a dog, but bitch, a game costs more than a fucking doll. Just get 'em a doll lmaoooo

  21. Nick The Waffle says

    Really the censorship people think that we are stupid as hell, like this is what they think would happen

    Kid who know gambling is bad: oh look a casino, now I’m gonna gamble in like 8 years because I can’t go because I can’t do much


    What actually happens

    Kid who know gambling is bad: oh cool a casino…

  22. distractedFreek says

    "The Pegi rating board is more strict to references of gambling when rating a game."

    Looks at NBA 2K20: Oh yeah, definitely true.

  23. MrPhantaze says

    Project Rub as a name was meant to hint about the key mechanic of beating the game: Rubbing. And why are there bunny eared men? Its based on pun RUB IT, that sounds like Rabbit

  24. Pulse Fel says

    events happening in july? great less then 24 hours, likely far less, to get in on it….oh wait its already noon of aug 1st….yep no luck for me. guess im not gonna bother with that link.

  25. Krys Williams says

    Losing the game corner still bums me out. Just remove the gambling aspect and put in mini-games. Player pays X and is guaranteed a prize based on performance and the lowest prize is worth at least what was paid to play. Players can't lose money and therefore it is just a mini-game, not gambling. If that is still too much, then make the mini-games free or make sure they are skill based like a platforming mini-game or puzzles and so forth.

  26. Cherkov says

    This isn't censorship. These are regional differences. Nobody threatened to ban these games if the offending content was not removed. The companies chose to make these changes to appeal to societal and cultural differences. That's just good business practices.

    Not mad. Just saying.

  27. zigaudrey says

    Now, I will play Bowser Pinball in Korean!
    4:39 I though it stand for "Gold". I read the Katakana wrong. Interesting.
    5:15 CAT! 5:46 Hello Project Rub!

  28. Zeichen Mk. II says

    Just a reminder that the guy behind Monkey Ball is also the guy behind Yakuza. The boob'd platforms make so much more sense! ?

  29. Quinn Ingrassia says

    You’d think it would be wise to let kids experiment with gambling in Pokémon or harvest moon where it doesn’t matter so that they don’t jump into an actually harmful addiction later in life.

  30. Xavier Santini says

    What’s wrong with Islam ?

  31. strippinheat says

    It's so funny how they remove fictional gambling with in-game play money from games, but are totally fine with real gambling with real money in games.

  32. strippinheat says


  33. Ariel Damatto says

    (4:22) "The Godly Beast was changed to Death Beast outside of Japan"

    Curiously, Pokémon X/Y for the 3DS went totally opposite towards the word "death": Yveltal is known in Japan as the "Death Pokémon" and its signature move is called "Death Wing", while the English version changed them respectively to "Destruction Pokémon" and "Oblivion Wing".

  34. Paul Lewis says

    I have no more stress thanks to, p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m

  35. Camel King Clarith says

    Most of this video is depressing, but then you have Ubisoft and THQ just straight denying requests at censorship. That's pretty based tbh

  36. Soulless leftover! says

    Twitch thots need PEGI raiting.

  37. Windebieste 888 says

    It’s ironic that just several years ago game companies went great lengths to keep anything that remotely resembles gambling out of certain games.

    Now we have games like 2K and FIFA that are just slot machines with a game featured on it.

  38. RhythmGrizz says

    I'm glad Nintendo is way less uptight about sexy stuff in games/art now

  39. RhythmGrizz says

    These sponsored content in-video ads are getting a little desperate

  40. BeatDemon08 says

    Leave it to a Karen to believe that a baby game is trying to convert babies to Islam smh..

  41. Taylor Brouwer says

    1:40 the end

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