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Ninja & Tfue – Freaky Friday Parody (Official Fortnite Music Video)


A Fortnite Parody Of ‘Freaky Friday’ for Ninja & Tfue!

💫Code xDogged🧙‍♂️

Thanks for watching! Be sure to like and subscribe if you enjoyed, I’m trying to reach 1M subs one day! Original song performed by Lil Dicky & Chris Brown. Let me know in the comments what you think! 😁

Performed by –
Sheddijames –
Lindon –

Ninja’s Voice Actor –

Thanks to Ali-A & SypherPK for appearing!
Sypher –
Ali-A –

Lyrics & Music Video by xDogged & LM!

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Thanks to all of the helpers from my discord server for making this possible! ✌

#Fortnite #FreakyFriday

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  1. xDogged says

    Hope You Enjoyed! Leave a LIKE & Subscribe, I'm trying to reach 1M subs! 🧙‍♂️ Also feel free to use creator code 'xDogged' 💙 #ad Also, thanks to Ali-A & SypherPK for making an appearance!

  2. J Concep says

    this is fire

  3. Tigers and Tacos says

    I saw quite a few xDogged cameos. The only won i remember is the time he appears in the bar, and xDogged is sitting there, barely seen. Can u follow me on twitter and sub to me plz. Twitter: @TigerEatingTaco

  4. Chrisgamer kal says

    I saw this video more than 10 times😂👍

  5. Victor Garcia says

    You put this song together so good


    i have a pipi

  7. Tex says

    Ahhhhh yes, the greats

  8. Chrisgamer kal says

    I love this song

  9. Reyanshsworld says


  10. King Leo says


  11. IcePlayz says

    Great vid

  12. IcePlayz says


  13. GEN_Z_ Carter says

    Best song every

  14. HMR Gaming says


  15. the_xtreamer gamerpro says

    3:55 real Ali-A voice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ralf _aprila_ramadhan says

    guys who you like the most Ninja or Tfue ?????

  17. SpliqzZ says

    Gotta do one with Jarvis and Kay and Jarvis would be so happy about playing Fortnite again

  18. tisekeea adeysanya says

    Did anyone realise that the phone turned into fortnite to clogged

  19. Divayesh Patel says

    its fucking friday

  20. Gavin & Grace Vlogs says

    The dislikes are just jealous

    Like if u agree

  21. Ed Cantu says

    jordan peterson

  22. Jordxn McCarthy says

    I hate Fortnite but this is pretty cool

  23. fishy YT says

    Bro I hope ninja reacts to this

  24. MrMalcon77 says

    i want tobe ninja pls

  25. シ Oreo Dealer • 6 years ago says

    “How his pick stand perched up on his wall like that?”

    Seriously tho, ❤️ the line!

  26. Flow JAM yt says

    Can you publish this on Spotify?

  27. Amith Shine says

    This song is the best like the video if you agree!

  28. Mike's XD says

    Yoooo Ur So Good

  29. Robin brawl stars games says

    Yutube was'nt ready for this💙💙💙

  30. Jordan Martinez says

    Yeah there’s still time to delete this video

  31. Sonya Gunn says

    I like through song subed

  32. Rajvir Singh says

    Ahh Fortnite Friday

  33. Banana Reborn says


  34. Braylon Alexander says

    I love this so much❤️

  35. Ryan Brianna says

    am cool yesss sirr

  36. Amir Latifi says

    Cool,!!!!!!! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩Ninja, tfue ALL LIKE PLIS COOL

  37. christymg1 says

    Fire song 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  38. Aaron Mendoza says

    Try Bugha Vs Ninja

  39. the bros show says

    Omg is so fire

  40. Miguel Martinez says

    i like thse song

  41. Zack Ederson says

    this song matches the original so nicely

  42. baikuntha bhandari says
  43. Prohacker 1289 says


  44. symppz says

    This is the best song ever I can’t stop listening to it this deserves 10M Views

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