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Nigerian Street Food at Night!! Africa’s Biggest Food City!!


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ADDRESS: Obalende, Lagos, Nigeria

??PUFF PUFF: Mix baking flour, yeast, a little water, salt into a ball and fry

??KOKO: Begin with congealed solid millet. In a pot, add the millet and water to liquify it into a paste. In a separate big pot, boil water and pour the mixture of the liquified millet into boiling water and continuously stir it using a big wooden spoon until it thickens.

??ABACHA (African Salad): Mix garden egg leaf, cassava shavings, fermented ugba (oil bean), fresh pepper, onions, garden egg, ugwun sauce, roasted fish and cow skin together in a bowl and plate in a styrofoam plate. Top with roasted fish and cow skin (ponmo), which has been marinated in fresh pepper sauce.

??TUWO AND GBEGIRI SOUP: Mix grounded corn flour in boiled water. Pour some of the liquid out. After cooking, add more grounded corn flour (dried) and beat it. Pour it back in and continue mixing

??BOLI AND GROUNDNUT: Peel and grill the plantain. Dip it into the groundnut and enjoy

?PRICE: Puff Puff: 100 NGN/0.28 USD | Koko: 100 NGN/0.28 USD | Abacha: 500 NGN / $1.49 USD | Tuwo and Gbegiri Soup: 600 NGN / $1.64 | Ground nut: 300 NGN / .82 USD | Grilled plantain: 600 NGN/ 1.65 USD

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Hey, I’m Sonny! I’m from the US but currently call Vietnam home. I’ve been living in Asia for 10 years and started making food and travel videos to document my experiences. I travel to different parts of the world, hunting down and documenting the most unique food each country has to offer.

If you see any factual food errors in my videos, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments. I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly, MY point of view. It is not meant to offend any person or culture.
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    PS. This video was recorded before the pandemic.

  2. The Mad Bomber says

    as i saw the thumbnail, i heard 'hey hey people'

  3. Ratko Stojanovic says

    Wow this channel is growing like crazy. I've been watching since 100k subs. Entertainment pure here

  4. Paiman Yousafi says

    Is that Lebron James’s dad ?

  5. Krok Krak says

    This guy deseves a netflix series!!

  6. Nurhalim Alim says

    indonesian heree wkwk


    Sonny was very tense the entire episode. You could tell he just wanted to get out of there. He complained of locals charging reporters with camera crews. I think their logic is justified. Why should foreign correspondents and personalities come into their community, partake of their culture and earn a living from it while the locals are left without pay? These folks are struggling. If outsiders want to come and film them for financial advantage why shouldn't they get a reasonable $$ token?

    His co-host was excellent. Folly did a great job explaining the customs and navigating the transactions. She could tell Sonny wasn't feeling the food (13:19) or culture but she remained charming, knowledgeable and helpful. She was a very good ambassador.

  8. Oya Doyin says

    They sell that suya for like 20$ in the states. Same amount

  9. Sumaila Don says

    Bro that yaaji is amazing taste

  10. Abdussalam Iysa says

    N2000 is approximately $4.25

  11. blue line YT official says

    7:46 yaaa im coming hehe indomie is popular to in indonesia ? btw rasanya ky beda ya

  12. Enesi Majebi says

    I haven't been back home to Lagos in 6 years, this video makes me miss home

  13. Alias Aziz says


  14. Darth Yoda says

    09:42 That was a little confusing at first sight! ???

  15. Temi Adeniyi says

    Is it yachty pepper or Suya pepper

  16. Umalena Moor says

    The information is good, don't particularly like the guy though. I stick with Mokko , Matthew and Mark

  17. Julieta says

    I'd love to see Lagos and try its local food

  18. kini udokang says

    If you wanna survive pick a spot and sell something ??, no cap for real

  19. Pod says

    his rowing form is horrible

  20. Butterfly Bei says

    Well actually every woman I saw in this video is beautiful ?

  21. Butterfly Bei says

    His designated Nigerian local is like sooooo beautiful she should be a model

  22. Dany Ikhsan says

    7:44 indomieee ???

  23. Afdhal Dinil Haq says

    Indomi selera ku

  24. A K. says

    7:44 dude! That’s our favorite noodle and of course my favorite hangover food too ?. Hello from Indonesia, thank you for mentioned my country. Can’t wait to see you here! ??

  25. May_ kel says

    Im in love with that nigerian girl. ❤?, She's gorgeous

  26. Natasha Cover says

    Y don’t u got to Jamaica

  27. Vii Duver says

    I love that you travel to the countries that others may be nervous to venture to!!

  28. Anike Fitriani says

    The noodle looks like seblak from West Java Bandung indonesia

  29. Alberto Martinez says

    "what are your credentials?" dude, they have a spot in a hot spot for food, thats the credential.

  30. Arly Kohar says

    7:03 on the left screen… is that the heavenly noodles, indomie ?

    7:46 yeah confirmed:/

    But i love the mie goreng variant ?

  31. 1Blkkato says

    no thx ill pass lol

  32. danielle marie says

    "We actually paid him just to sit and eat noodles with us."

    What a dream 🙁

  33. widya lestari says

    Hahah I know indomie is the most favorite instant noodle in Africa, love from Indonesia ❤️

  34. Jean Bolado says

    "Some kind of meat scented Axe Body Spray" wooooooooaaah!! that got me ROFL :))

  35. Red Money says

    Sonny and the red bandana always have the most beautiful woman with the best skin.

  36. Yursam Ali says

    nigeria looks not friendly.. wow

  37. AnatomiaUSAL says

    She is quite a cutie

  38. Mrrealist Yes says

    Beatifull culture. Loveeeeeeeee from a british turk???

  39. Keli K. says

    I'm not sure how much stomachs I should put in my stomach ?

  40. Joseph says

    I dont like this guy

  41. Nagaraju bujji says

    pls visit andhrapradesh in india .

  42. Aminu S. Marafa says

    …I hope you come to the Northern ?? and try the traditional Hausa foods, it's challenging.

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