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NHL Hockey to NBA Basketball Quick Changeover Time Lapse at American Airlines Center – Dallas, Texas


This was captured on November 15, 2014, in Dallas, Texas, during a doubleheader of a Dallas Stars (NHL) hockey game, and a Dallas Mavericks (NBA) basketball game. The hockey game started at 1pm in the afternoon, ended at about 3:30pm, and there was a 4-hour window, before the basketball game tipped off at 7:30pm. The process of fully converting the seating configuration, from hockey to basketball, took about 2 hours. The basketball court was removed immediately after the basketball game, due to a concert taking place on the following day. For those of us who worked both games, it was a long day!

This video was shot on a GoPro Hero 3+ camera, and edited in 4k resolution.

TwoThirds – Daydreamer (feat. Bijou)

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  1. hayden phillips says

    It would be really cool to go to the Stars game and then go to a Mavericks game, but if only the Spurs were playing them because I hate the Mavericks.

  2. Green Sky Photography says

    I really like this time lapse. Great little video. I have just purchased a GoPro and am trying out some time lapse videos. Would you be able to have a look and provide any comments/feedback or a quick little tip? If you can, maybe subscribe to my channel and give any feedback to future ones?
    Anyway, good stuff with yours, they look awesome!!!
    I've subscribed to yours. Keep them coming.

  3. IanArdel says


  4. Jordon Wilson says


  5. Rogelio Guzman says

    I'm part of the crew that changes the whole place daily. That day was super tough. Everything & everyone had to move in a much faster pace. It took us 1 hr 32 that day. 1 hr 20 this Saturday that just passed

  6. Austin Area Photographer says

    Oooh, really liked the lights and action on the rink. Perfect music selection.

  7. Rogelio Robledo says

    That's really awesome to see. Go MAVS

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