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Newegg TV: How To Build a Computer – Part 1 – Choosing Your Components


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Welcome to Newegg TV’s How To Build a Computer tutorial!
This is Part 1, where we’ll be covering the different components that make up a typical computer, as well as the different functions they perform. Also, we provide some advice on planning out your build and choosing the best parts to suit your needs.

Part 2 – Building Your Computer:
Part 3 – Installing an Operating System & Finishing Touches:

For more information, check out our PC building guide on Newegg Insider:

– Credits –
Camera, Editing, Titles: Mr. Lam
20+ Minutes of Talking about PC Parts: Paul

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  1. Satyam says

    I think the hardest part of a PC build is the Research

  2. Buff Barnaby says

    Nice , before all the lame LED stuff.

  3. Buff Barnaby says

    Hey , it's Mr Egg

  4. Joe Hoffmann says

    Most of this video was surprisingly relevant still in 2020, then he called an optical drive "essential"… Smh

  5. ProdigyxWho says

    Scared I’m gonna build my first pc and I accidentally get a part that doesn’t work with another or i build it and the pc doesn’t turn on

  6. Royal Wilson says

    I was told I needed a new mother board, so I thought I would try to upgrade what i got, unfortunately, Im not good at this type stuff…yet, how do i find and decide if the mother board i buy is any good.

  7. Ger - says

    21:41 I’m guessing it’s higher these days

  8. JAPi2314 says

    It's fun to come back and watch this video to see how outdated it is. I nearly died laughing hearing him talk about upgrading your Optical Drive in the future.

  9. Ken Zarn says

    Where is the allen wrench? Tweezers? Thermal paste applicator? The Verge says this is all wrong!

  10. Canute Rolin says

    I'm a pretty techie person and I know quite a bit about building computers and troubleshooting errors.
    This is my second year of Computer Science engineering and in one of the modules for computer organization, this video is a "study material" for exams…
    I still can't stop laughing.

  11. SeaJay Oceans says

    With your hands. It's probably the easiest way to build a PC.

  12. Mark Falina says

    This was an EXTREMELY helpful set of videos because the word "Gamers" was not constantly being used. There is one problem: it is 8 years old!!!! Today, hard drives are almost extinct and digital drives exist only on machines like mine which are older than this video. Is it possible for a video set like this to be made around the time of my writing this comment (2019)?

  13. The Demon Lord says

    Does this come with an included paul?

  14. Rich Baranski says

    In the video, when choosing a hard drive, you said the perfect install is to install your OS on the SSD drive, and install all your data on a mechanical drive.
    When you say data, do you mean all your programs, documents etc?

  15. Rich Baranski says

    You said make sure you get a chipset that is compatible with the CPU. How do I do that? I never see the word "chipset" in the specs of a CPU. How do I match that?

  16. O.D. S.T says

    And a kilobyte

  17. 刘燕 says

    great ! computer parts wholesale @t whatsapp:+8613922180936

  18. Joeylo-Master of Welfare says

    Damn, this was one of the first videos I watched when I started my PC journey. Time flies!

  19. Shady says

    This was the first PC guide i ever watched

  20. Mohamed Elhawy says

    Your amazing man, Thanks

  21. Marc says

    Thoughts on this potential first build I a long time


  22. HackFuey says

    But does it blend? < never gets old.

  23. onebad birdy says

    Just got done building a computer with a B360M tell I found it didn’t support RGB fusion where I ended up having to buy out a B360M Aorus where I hope will support my rgb phanteks fans

  24. Andrew Wright says

    Press f to pay respect


  25. Kashmoney99 says

    Paul it’s time for another update.

  26. Renan Sales Moreira says

    when you abandon limp bizkit and become a i.t guy

  27. Michael Gunn says

    Very informative. Maybe a simpleton slower silver surfer version could be added to strategic breath pause points.

  28. TheHajimeKeita says

    my first tech vid hah!…still a tech geek now…never thought i ever owned a real gaming rig from a potato pc when i started building in 2011

  29. Earth Is Flat says

    Im just going to buy a new com

  30. Jay Red says

    PC Master Race XD ????????

  31. BuckDown16 says

    Best computer build video ever! Got me into computers, thanks Newegg!

  32. mrk107 says

    Step 1, Money

  33. Othneil Drew says

    I have a $2,100 budget. Can someone help me build a PC that is capable of running Xplane, photoshop, and atom coding software. Also, I am running three 1080p monitors.

  34. the Fortress of Nerditude says

    Thank you for the great info! Not sure if I'm thanking Newegg or Paul, but either way…cheers and Thank You! I will be linking to this video in my newest upload about upgrading my old Windows 7 machine.

  35. Supermason3000 says

    Would I be better off purchasing a Intel Motherboard to replace the one that came with my computer but is able to accept more memory?

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