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NEW Xbox Series X & PS5 Game Update! Xbox Lockhart, Halo Infinite, Fable & Avowed Update


Xbox Series X July Event Update! Xbox Series Games, Xbox Update. New Xbox Series X Launch Games
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  1. IanPrino says

    With a potential game drought next yr, I think back compat is definitely an important factor and is still one of the biggest reasons i am buying Series X first. It really is amazing that MS is respecting its customers with keeping their libriaries relevant.

  2. Buffalo NFL says

    I really appreciate and enjoy your podcast each and every time thanks for your insightful gaming news.

  3. A. D. says

    The yelds are talking about how many C.U. survive the process not the clock speeds lol.

  4. Will K says

    New drinking game. Everytime someone mentions Ray Tracing take a shot.

  5. Kamil Salam says

    I’m normally all for discourse, but Dee batch basically calling for extra intense crunch isn’t one I can’t really understand people supporting. Crunch is bad enough as it is in general in the games industry, throwing it into overdrive during a pandemic isn’t something we should be calling for. Kudos to Colt for disagreeing.

  6. Valhura77 says

    I guess Dee never heard of Doom, Wolfenstein, Golden Eye, Project Dark, oh and a small game called Half-Life.

  7. A R says

    Imagine if Microsoft came out and said CP2077 was going to be on Game Pass day one …. hahahahaha, never going to happen but that would be a mic drop.

  8. JP S says

    A survey of over 3,000 has revealed exactly how steep a mountain Microsoft has to climb with its next gen console, with 84% of those surveyed saying they were most excited about the PlayStation 5 and only 15% the Xbox Series X

  9. AggroOverkill says

    This would be worth to watch if u had video of ur faces

  10. Sayf Aofy says

    Yo guys I really like to ask you all about the nre the playstation 5 guys lol.

  11. josh allcock says

    Hit the button man…Hit it hard lmao?? love it!!

  12. Austacker says

    Wait a moment, what's with all this shit at the end you guys asking for the fans to go easy on you for being critical of Xbox all of sudden?
    You all got selective amnesia or something?
    You guys were all gushing like school girls with a crush after the liveshow event, giving it 8s and 9s and giving Grounded shit for giving it 'only' a 6.
    Now you're all holding hands up saying 'hey everyone, go easy on us for being critical!' You fucking what? This twilight zone shit or something?

  13. Triple Combo Gaming says

    7.8 too much craig

  14. ChemyGuy72 says

    Dealer you say deal with this every year? Man your dealing with this every sec. You rock my friend and great RDX. ? LUCA is quiet wish I would hear her opinion

  15. ChemyGuy72 says

    True True Collt they probably played Halo to get that screen play but imo and my 10/9 yrs old kids will have a blast. Lokard ?

  16. ChemyGuy72 says

    Colt ?? reverse oreo cookie ??? all the panel is great ty

  17. ChemyGuy72 says

    DOMINOS ??

  18. ChemyGuy72 says

    Ih my god all the tweets about BC the uneducated ppl tweet/msg about, well you dont own this game blah,blah I'm sure you've seen plenty. GAMEPASS is great for me and my 2 XBOX kids cause I've spent $ & they won't intrested Day 1 they will play the TOP HAMES ? No brainer

  19. ez e says

    Wow MBG really blocked you guys? Damn that’s petty!!

  20. corey stockwell says

    On grounded you have to have them added to play with they can join your open game but u can't invite them yet 🙂

  21. BOUNTY BOOM says

    What is Luca channel and pod cast

  22. dennis cool says

    Do no one like honey I shrunk the kids on this panel crazy

  23. Jonathan Trott says

    I no longer need my 9-5 because of, f u n d a i l y p a y .c o m

  24. Astutegaming says

    Whoever guesses the exact price of the Xbox series X and/or Lockhart console wins it courtesy of this channel would be a good idea! If there is multiple right answers then it goes by time who priced it right first

  25. Joey says

    them already confirming that ray tracing is coming in a patch lord knows when after launch was the nail in the coffin for me. I rather way a few months or whatever it may be for a complete product than trash.

  26. SeniorLUFC says

    Grounded `the games buggy`. Straight over dealer's head

  27. Tanker Man says

    If you want to know:
    JayTech is a PlayStation YouTuber who doesn’t really make quality videos. Most of the time he streams play through for hours on end and says it’s about a certain subject ( one time he said Xbox Series X had a bad design and it was just a play through of FF7)

  28. jj says

    Gameplay over graphics for me if a game looks graphically amazing but plays shit no thanks

  29. Night-Hawk says

    You know what I think? I think we’re going to get new consoles in November…
    Plus I want new Banjo Kazooie and new Conkers Bad Fur Day! ?❤️??

  30. ƬӇЄƦƛƤƳ says

    SupaNova made a good argument on his channel about why has Microsoft not shown us any game play on the Series X instead of their dev computers. Is the hardware having issues.. overheating? Bad enough that Halo Infinite looked like garbage and then they said it was ran on a dev pc. Whats going on smh .

  31. Terry Dotson II says

    "NetherRealm is the greatest fighting game developer of all time" I can't believe you disrespected Capcom like that! Shame on you dealer!

  32. Jo Jo says

    I enjoyed the crossfire x beta!

  33. Max Chambliss II says

    Another awesome video! Craig will forever live on until 343 makes some serious updates to the graphics! Of course, I want the gameplay, but I want it all. I want the graphics and the gameplay. I want 343 to show us why we should buy an Xbox Series X! Look, I get it, we are at a pandemic! But if you really want people to jump on board on the Xbox Series X, 343 would have to redeem themselves by showing everyone an updated demo and multiplayer. Texters popping in and out of games and graphics are off. If the game is not ready, please delay it!

  34. Galva Tron says

    Still no initiative & where was perfect dark??

  35. Johnny says

    The title to this Podcast is misleading they did not talk about the games at the showcase

  36. Johnny says

    One thing dealer does not understand Is that people have different tastes and different views on gameing . To dealer if you don't like exactly what he likes then you're a fan boy

  37. Johnny says

    Remember spiderman puddle gate That's the same as this Halo people judging something on a game that's not finished yet

  38. Johnny says

    The Halo build Was from 6 months ago. Wait till the game actually comes out and is a finished product Then you can judge it

  39. Johnny says

    COLT said everybody gave Microsoft flak about Releasing Halo on the xbox 1X and the xbox series X . People did not give Microsoft flak it was ponies That bitched about that. This happens all the time when sony fan boys go crazy over Something Microsoft does and pod casters say everybody is upset about it when really it's just the Ponies

  40. Yeti 7 says

    Craig forever!

  41. madrizz01 says

    did this dude just blame the horrible halo showing on the Pandemic again? damn

  42. LittleBear GAMING says

    Stupid question but is it possible windows 10 being on series x could be a mic drop moment in their next event

  43. cmg2006 says

    Guys last week you all jump on Funz for tell the truth and this week you all changed your mind?

  44. UnRuleD Grizz says

    Love it when Tim dog and Zalker are here.

  45. Johnny says

    Dealer has got to stop trying to be funny and most of all stop with the voices when he's trying to be funny ITS CRINGE WORTHY

  46. madrizz01 says

    someone on this panel gave that show a 9/10 ??????

  47. madrizz01 says

    wow did he say "dont delay halo infinite" wth. this dude:( That Halo looked bad. it is NOT next Gen material. delay that crap until its ready

  48. GWE says

    I reckon they are going to poke some holes in microsoft using the pop in and graphical imperfections as ammo. Sonny are always aggressive with stuff like this

  49. Raheem Mcdermott says

    I wont play halo story mode until Ray tracing is implemented.

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