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NEW RECORD! 64 KILL GAME in CoD WARZONE! (Best Classes / Loadouts)


Our new Kill Record in CoD Warzone. Enjoy!
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Thanks to Activision for sponsoring this livestream & making me a #CoDPartner

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  1. Sohan Saha says

    Why you sound like Ali A

  2. Curtis Jackman says

    Scuf Addict gaming is better

  3. Epic Gamer says

    Wtf is he saying when he was getting the objective I gotgooogtoggto lmao @8:39

  4. Dangit Dale says

    64 is cute, try 138 tho. Wait….

  5. H I says

    It’s funny how the new record is more then double

  6. Melissa King says

    My heist kills is 29

  7. * Lucas * says

    They got a stack of kills

  8. Joel Thomas says

    using rpgs is ratty

  9. dandany123 : says

    Vikk go live

  10. Ali Hussein says

    This games is badass

  11. Millsy says

    Anyone watching after they drop 138

  12. Scruffy says

    his hands are blessed

  13. Phoenix Gamerz says

    -_- his eyebrows and moustache

  14. ANGUS-YT says

    Your so insane

  15. Afg rocks says

    138 kill is the record i think.

  16. jaffacake 2k19 says

    Faze vikstar

  17. Angel King says

    I feel like these guys have the best luck. Everytime i try to revive someone i get killed from the back!


    He’s definitely geeked out on some acid in this match

  19. JeterYT says

    Who’s here only for the classes

  20. Brandon Madden says


  21. fe4r Jokes says

    warzone is stupid

  22. Tim Wba says

    Why did he switch to grau at the end

  23. Zachary Edgar says

    Strait goofy you got a 23 piece with 5700 damage why do you try to post the video like your getting 64 kills lmao record lol good 1

  24. Mahdi Husseini says

    51 kills, solo bs squad

  25. red ghost says

    I beat my record with 40 kills

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