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NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro


NEW RECORD!!! 1. Place, Graded 3 Race 1400 m |1:25:7 | Zwegat (GER) | Kincsem park, Budapest | GoPro

The first race in 2018 season for Zwegat. The idea was not to run first, but i guess one year of holidays gave him a lot of energy!
The Graded 3 race that almost gave me a heart attack, but ended good for all of us! Amazing to see so much power in a 8 Years old horse, born to win!
Zwegat already won this race in 2016 and set a new track record, but this year, he repaired it again.

The race was 15.4.2018
The rider Kuba Pavlíček
Racehorse trainer Živa Prunk who made this possible!
Kincsem park, Budapest

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  2. Erulan Nurbek says


  3. ꧁Ch0co_ C1lla꧂ • says

    Yoooo… does balls hurt when riding the horses? That look hella fast

  4. XxSarina TalksxX says

    I don’t think you should be racing at all I don’t support the racing industry

  5. Aaa says

    I sense too many female hormones on this thread.

  6. XxNight dragonxX says

    2:57 I have a question.. does that hurt the horse??

  7. IIV_SMOKED_U_VII says

    Thing the horse could run faster without a human on it

  8. Horzey Adventure Vlogs says

    :c I feel bad for race horses… like imagine someone riding you and wiping you with a hard crop ???

  9. ahomed NaYeeM says

    All credit goes to the horse

  10. Sophie Pferdewelt lösch says

    I actually hate horse racing but that's good ❤️how she handles the horse

  11. Maya Avelarde says


  12. Paige Johnson says

    I hate people that whip horses so booo

  13. Karel Mařík says

    slyšel jsem díky ? 😀 i to řvaní ve finishi mi přišlo takový počeštělý 😀 prostě supr no 😀

  14. Amanda Zanchi says



    did you win

  16. Skyler XD says

    This is Hungarian? I think yeah!??????

  17. Meer Danish says

    Amazing ?✌️ very good

  18. Joshua sampson says

    I would throw up if Spydee would gallop

  19. CAT SLOANE says

    At least this isn't the type of jockey to mercilessly beat the horse fun fact: whipping horse doesn't make the horse go faster (I don't know how but its just like that)

  20. Hailey _Marta says

    GEIL 😀

  21. hobune 521 says

    Tihs horse : i'm sou sad
    You : Are you lol coman hhh

  22. peaou says

    average speed 59.6km/h, and it took from 2:15 to 2:59 to run 1km (correct me if i'm wrong, ;D so it had to be 81.8km/h at that time. i wonder what was top speed.. but god, never thought how actually dangerous this is

  23. Maya tahar tube says

    عم يضربوا بوحشية مش هيك السباق

  24. Chloe Mes says


  25. Summer Wrigley says

    Wow they must love that
    I would love running that fast because it looks fun as well

  26. Christina Nordin says

    That horses ears man…..

  27. Lucie Mingaud says

    Vous conar

  28. D-Boi FuntimePlays166 says


  29. Bobjeffs Burgers says

    Such a horrible sport?

  30. Monika Zradulova says

    Non si fanno le competizioni perche ae ti muore il cavallo poi???

  31. Sabine Schumacher says

    Höre auf du Quälst das Pferd

  32. Noémi Tamaska says

    Be kéne tiltani ?

  33. ms. animal says


  34. Lucía Rozas says

    Hermoso caballo gano

  35. Sabine Osthoff says

    Das ist tierkwälerei

  36. Anit and Princ&Liam says

    Povolte si otěže utazenima je brzdite

  37. Utku B. ÖNDEŞ says

    This is fucking super idea!

  38. DimoZockt says

    Čuo sam da pričaš Srpski bez uvrede

  39. Neimy Hoarau says

    C'est vraiment de la maltraitance animal ce genre de course fouaiter un animal pour avancer et avoir de la gloire c'est sérieusement pitoyable

  40. Jasmin Jammernegg says

    Pferde sind KEINE Sportgeräte

  41. medieum says

    the only thing i want right now is having a horse

  42. Josef Kouba says


  43. Abby Zatarain1vc says


  44. kittycat kandis says

    Ding dong abuse bell

  45. Laura Heyder says

    So eine scheisse rennenreiten #TierQuelerei!!??????

  46. omar dekkar says

    1:12 look at the horses agreeing to something

  47. akaHunter says

    I'd literally pee myself if I was the one riding that

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