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*NEW* NFL FOOTBALL Skins Gameplay in FORTNITE! (Gridiron Gang Set Review & Showcase)


The new NFL Football skins are available at the Item Shop. These skins are part of the Gridiron Gang set and in today’s @Fortnite gameplay video we’re doing a review and showcase of these skins!

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In today’s Fortnite Battle Royale video we’re checking out the *NEW* NFL FOOTBALL Skins Gameplay in FORTNITE! (Gridiron Gang Set Review & Showcase)

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Today we’re checking out the new NFL Football skins. For only 1,500 V-Bucks you can get any of these new skins in Fortnite Battle Royale!

Skins included in the Gridiron Gang set:
– Epic Scrimmage Scrapper Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Pass Rush Ranger Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Blitz Brigade Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Red Zone Renegade Outfit (Skin)
– Epic TD Titan Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Crossbar Crusher Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Trench Runner Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Formation Fighter Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Snap Squad Outfit (Skin)
– Epic Punt Paragon Outfit (Skin)

These NFL Football skins are part of the Gridiron Gang set. What are you waiting for? Go grab your own new NFL Football skin!

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  1. WannaDJ says

    I'm doo doo at this game.

  2. Ionut i says

    Nice video =))

  3. SuPrMeMeSuNfLoWR says

    Can we play a round together sometime I never got a win yet I thought you can help me get a win☹️

  4. CuriousGeorge says

    I want them so bad I’m upset never get vbucks and I’m just so sad;(

  5. Sage says

    Thsnks for the gameplay man

  6. Dorianplayz YT says


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