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New national data models show slower spread of COVID-19


The new modelling data released Tuesday shows Canada has experienced slower transmission growth than many other countries.

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  1. Da Fare says


  2. Jacqueline Moore says

    The number are not right. Nor are they true. This is all lies.

  3. Rock'on says

    Broaden the curve

  4. Mike Dabels says

    Why are we using a 1.2% mortality rate when all new data, including from NY, point at a 0.5% rate or under?

  5. Noes de wae two Honesty says

    Older Justin gets, the more he looks like his daddy.

  6. quaesitor says

    Let’s all go for a friendly walk

  7. The great Northern Bear hunter says

    "modeling science is inherently flawed." Dr Fauci

  8. Peter TheGreat says

    Remove dictator Trudeau by force right now people around him must remove the dictator who is killing Canada

  9. Paul Levy says

    CBC turned off comments on video where it bashes competition that offers different point of view. Haha that pathetic.

  10. The Art of GNAR says

    Justin as a frontline healthcare worker I do not want your recognition or empty words. You are a failure and your reign as Canada's Dictator is nearing its end. Enjoy your "cottage".

  11. Wander Off With Brad says

    Sweden being praised by WHO, No Lockdowns

  12. Thumper Bumper says

    If you flatten the curve too much you have a line

  13. Richard says

    The Epoch Times is a Pro-democracy Chinese paper. CBC and Trudeau are communists.

  14. Hunters Grow says

    How’s our budget doing? Will it still balance itself? CBC is garbage news and should get nothing from the taxpayers of Canada.

  15. The Birdmen says

    All of cbc should be shut down, except for their investigative branch, ie Fifth estate, go public. No more credibillity!

  16. Lazdinger says

    CBC allowing comments? Cool

  17. honey bee says

    Not an anigma.
    It's an agenda.
    *Create crisis
    Sink economy.
    Bully into compliance
    And have you heard the catch phrase
    "The New Normal".
    Please come to Jesus Christ everybody,??? He loves and knows each one of you by name and even the number of hairs on your head He has count of…
    We have a wicked enemy..The good book talks alot of what's happening here ..the person of Christ Jesus; who is indeed God in the flesh
    Is Safety
    He loves you
    He will give you Life
    …He will give you peace and protection.
    HE is truth…
    NOT religion per say…HIM. .
    ASK Jesus to forgive your sins and save you….He didn't come for the righteous but to call sinners to repentance ..He came to seek and save the lost
    Please read the holy bible…
    Taste and see that the Lord is good?️?️??????

  18. Seekthetreasure says

    China Virus Made in China

  19. A C says

    CBC- Chinas Broadcasting for Canada

  20. M_Faraday says

    I expect this comment to be deleted when CBC realizes they accidentally allowed comments

  21. esor val says

    Dr Tam looks like she need a trip to the doctor herself

  22. TheFlatEarthChannel.com says

    We need to Flatten the curve. The earth is flat

  23. nanadinos says

    Where is my wifey Sofia Obeng

  24. Live And Inspired says

    Covid is a hoax. Government collusion to get rid of cash and implant chips in our hands

  25. Ryan Laing says

    If Trudeau had it his way he would keep us in our homes indefinitely, time for Canadians to speak out and say enough is enough

  26. J Led says

    I honestly need to know mr. Trudeau who is going to pay for this billion-dollar deficit, with all this free money going to everybody ,now I have children and I have people in my life I don't want them paying for this mess I want the Chinese government to pay .I want a billion dollars back and I want to know who's going to cover the cost of all this crap when it wasn't even us that started it.I do not want my children left with this billion 2 billion dollar debt from China ..sorry dudes that's not going to happen.

  27. Phyllobates Terribilis says

    Rosie is morally grotesque – all Trudeau supporters are.

  28. charlotte Borody says

    are all of you really believing these models? it has been wrong all along.

  29. Maverick P says

    Tam Lied People Died

    But chock it up to racism CBC to remove any and all accountability.

  30. m tesc says

    Tam knew January 15 that there was person to person spread of the virus.
    Chose to ignore it.

  31. jenny gutierrez says


  32. Dangerous Timed says

    Keep our provinces closed from one another. That silly premier in Quebec wants to rush into a greater disaster than they have now, why ? What is the hurry? Do you care more about money than health?

  33. RioMtl94 says

    Simple/Understandable Question From Nice Lady Reporter: Have there been discussions with provinces and territories on whether it could be made mandatory for people to take a hypothetical Covid 19 vaccine?

    Mr.Trudeau’s answer: “We are still unfortunately a long way from having a vaccine…Just finding the vaccine is the first step…next step will be to produce the vaccine in suffic…”(this continues on for a bit).

    I would’ve just answered “not yet” but that's just me…in the midst of a major health crisis when people need clear information, we still have time for political correctness…

  34. Chris Duffy says

    Question. Why do they dub the French back into English when we've already heard the English version moments before?

  35. DRISYA. B. KUMAR says

    Canadian president is a great leader. Love from Kerala, India????

  36. Bring back the Plague says

    Trudeau lies to Canadians about Coronavirus data so he can send more $$$ to his favorite country in the world, China.

  37. GANEESH Gandi says

    SOS Turkmenistan

  38. [ logical correctness channel ] says

    Neoliberal economics: focussed on efficient profit-making and no emphasis on efficiency in saving lives

  39. JamesBaker1960 says

    is there a possible genetic target

  40. Concerned Canadian says

    When do you intend to go back to work? Staying in your holdup & coming out for a few minutes each day is not what you are being paid for. Paying taxpayers need to visibly see government @ work and discussions with all parties.

  41. JamesBaker1960 says

    what are they up to?

  42. Michael Arthur says

    Fix the roads put up some green houses in cities and rural areas. Why are we paying for food full of poisonous chemicals … our water has chemicals in it …. not urgent enough for Justin Trudeau … guess he doesn’t want to put any holes in his fancy socks. ?

  43. betty litchfield says

    Why are CBC COMMENT mostly blocked? What are u afraid of. Did Smoothie really virus? Prove it. People are doubting it. Crawl out if your closet. Be a brace man not a scared child. So stop the block on CBC post.
    Dt Tam know Candda screwed up and less .I've could have been saved.

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