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NEW Madden 21 College Football Teams


Madden 21 Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame new college football teams

Madden 21 FoF Notes:

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These are the CFB Teams in Madden 21: Oklahoma, Clemson, LSU, Texas, USC, Oregon, Michigan State, Nebraska, Miami and Florida

Today, we react to and break down the Official Madden NFL 21 Gameplay Trailer Notes, the new features, the graphics, animations, celebrations, Face of the Franchise: Rise to Fame, new X-Factor 2.0 and more! Also, a sneak peak of information on Madden 21 for the PS5 and Xbox Series X.

From EA about Face of the Franchise Rise to Fame:
Face of the Franchise returns! Create yourself and begin your career as a quarterback in high school where you’ll attempt to lead your team to a State Championship. We should mention while your career starts in high school, that doesn’t mean you’ll be the starting quarterback. Don’t worry, no story spoilers here.

Next, you’ll start your college career on National Signing Day where you’ll pick between ten Division 1 schools. You’ll be able to play two seasons of the College Football Playoffs where you’ll attempt to win not one, but two NCAA Championships. While in college you’ll have the chance to stay as a quarterback or switch positions to a running back or wide receiver.

After your college career, you’ll be attending the NFL Combine where you’ll have the chance to test your skills and run the iconic 40-yard dash.

When you finally enter the NFL, your career doesn’t stop. You’ll have the chance to experience different storylines each season as you make your case for the Hall of Fame.

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  1. RBT says

    i am the #1 NEWS ANCHOR

  2. ItsOrbzz says

    Let’s not talk about Ohio state not being on there

  3. Jaxson Smith says

    I think rbt is from Nebraska because he had made a video way back and he knew all the players and back up players

  4. Reese Neddermeyer says

    I am a MSU die hard it’s awesome that there in madden

  5. Sniff YT says

    I’m really trying to get madden 21

  6. GOAT LOVER says

    Its something to do with the rights agreement with the ncaa. All these teams have some sort of freedoms loke last years teams had. At least thats what ive heard

  7. Trevor Stock says

    How did Bama and ohio state not get in?…

  8. Ryan Coyte says

    What colleges are you going to pick?

  9. Ryan Coyte says

    Chel has better logos than madden.

  10. Yo Itz Omar says

    What is the music in this video called

  11. Cliff Wright says

    LSU number 1 baby

  12. Swaggy King says

    College team I will pick is Oklahoma or Florida

  13. rashadthegoat says

    Nebraska not go lie even though I wish Auburn was in there

  14. Gabriel Velez says

    usc trojans

  15. TheDuckman says

    im doing Usc because my family is from LA

  16. James DeMore says

    Bro Nebraska isn’t even ranked and they Didn’t put Alabama Ohio state or Georgia? Whoever is at ea is smoking crack lmao this pisses me off

  17. Troy Overton says

    I sub and liked

  18. Cecil Gooden says


  19. Khiry Dozier says


  20. Person Lastman says

    Nebraska man is EA stupid. What the heck is wrong with them. Iowa is way better.

  21. Volticx says

    How do you put Michigan state in but not Michigan

  22. Cody Storing says

    How do you have Michigan State but not Michigan

  23. Oscar Langebangs says

    Am I the only one who thinks that it's dumb that you can't play college if you want to play quarterback

  24. thewizrd48 says

    Where is Ohio State

  25. K N O T S A L O T G A M I N G says

    7:53 it says 2019 so u get drafted 2020 season

  26. Nick Eacret says


  27. a1mz clan says

    Les go nebraska

  28. * FranticInfinity * says


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