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New Football Release! 2020 Panini Rookies & Stars Football Retail


Happy Thursday All! While card hunting this week, I found some 2020 Panini Rookies & Stars Football. This is my first look!

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  1. OLI-MOON Collectibles says

    Make sure to visit https://www.oli-mooncollectibles.com/shop to get into our Prizm Football Live Break!

  2. KensCardboard says

    Congratulations on being one of the first people in the US to get a Tua. This card design seems to make minimal changes to the design each year. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mike Lewis says

    Them remind me of donruss retail cheap looking cards

  4. Anthony Thomas says

    Tuaaaaa and Burrow nice!!!


    Ughhh! I hope to find these somewhere. I did find a mega box of Bowman Platinum yesterday

  6. fralan hernandez says


  7. Jesse Mermella says

    For investment these are pretty trash

  8. Yurijah Yurong says

    Can I order these online please let me know and keep up the good work

  9. Yurijah Yurong says

    Hey can I order these cards online if they can please let me know keep up the good work and nice tua card

  10. Freddy Cingerana says

    I pulled a stellar rookies – white joe burrow , and a red tua base how are those ?

  11. Paul Toth says

    Weird you got those so cheap. Hanger packs were 14.99 and fat packs 11.99 at my target today. Picked up a couple blasters and hangers, though.

  12. BillsCards 86 says

    It looks very cloudy in your room for some reason 🤔

  13. BillsCards 86 says

    Lucky you,

  14. Adrian Cortez says

    Can anyboody tell me what my cards are worth I’ll send pics through ig 🙏🏻🙏🏻 please thank you

  15. Caleb Cataldo says

    Actually looks pretty cool this year! I’ll hopefully be able to find some I the wild!

  16. Eric Wang says

    I legit just got a blaster box of those it’s on eBay

  17. Chris Lynch says

    Nice retail pull new to your channel

  18. High School Graduate says

    I have a hobby box of this from like 2015. Mariota is on the cover. It's unopened and part of what I'm sitting on. If I find this in retail I'll definitely open it on my channel! Also, I'm trying to get to 100 and have a giveaway planned to celebrate. Please sub and thank you!

  19. Casey Riggle says

    I found a lot of packs retail and bought 6 of them I managed to hit on 2 burrows 1 herbert and a clyde edwards

  20. Tommy Gonzales says

    You. Should go to a Card shop

  21. MavsMagic says

    I was able to get a mega box and a blaster on the target app! I also got 25% off total came to $63 for both!

  22. Brady Nelson says

    Just pulled burrow and justin Jefferson cards

  23. Darren Murray says

    Very nice rip hope I can find this or something on the shelves

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