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  1. Jay Patel says

    2:00 Match 1/ 7 kills
    3:52 pro hai.. 3:58 ekdum se waqt badal diya
    16:33 to17:35.. that teammate 🥵
    22:55 pro enemies
    27:39 F End

    29:15 Match 2/ 15 kills
    1:01:00 End

    1:01:50 Match 3/ 1 kill
    1:17:09 F End

    1:20:40 Match 4/ 🦆 zero
    1:22:19 shuru hote hi khatam

    1:23:30 Match 5/ 17 kills 🍗
    1:24:52 big fan hu par kiska pata nai
    No scope OP sniping 😹 1:25:39 1:25:58 1:30:15 1:30:44
    1:34:50 intense 1v4 (keep watching)
    1:43:00 1 v 3
    1:37:56 Goldy bhai bullying
    1:38:47 gussa aa gaya bhai ko
    1:47:31 satya vachan
    1:48:03 gaali kon diya be..
    Keep watching till end 😆👌🏼

    1:54:30 Match 6/ 1 kill
    2:09:26 hume to apno ne loota

    2:10:40 Match 7/ 2 kills
    2:18:56 halat dekhna bhul gaya

  2. RetroToons says

    Thank Yo

  3. Vibhas Yt says

    The views are 1.5m and subs are 1.49m
    What is this behaviour

  4. Yash Rao says

    @rega noobda

  5. technical gaming yt says

    Let's we in room 1 ve 1 with m416 except my challenge plzz

  6. technical gaming yt says

    Can you play with me

  7. Kimi Younis says

    Hello everyone,

    We are indie mobile game developers, we're creating a kinda roguelike mobile game and wish to have some players to have a try for it, we'll have a playable demo in 2 weeks. If you're willing to have a pioneer test please let us know:

    Facebook Fan Page




    Your feedback is of great significance to us!

  8. HAPTICî says


  9. Where is the night stream

  10. Jivanshu Charaya says

    Bhai I'm your big fan

  11. Mozia Shakhi says

    Noob player ho ap

  12. nimesh vk patel says

    Scout m416 glacier crate opening video

  13. Bhai mere Saath bhi khelo I'd 5157962902

  14. Tauheed Ahmad says

    Bhai aaj streem pe kyu nhi ho

  15. Sandeep Sroye says

    Live karan tu phela khedni Sikh le , fadu aa voota to v mara paya aa

  16. Daksh Jasoliya says

    Bhai mai apko pubg khelne se zyada peeche rebel bhai ko valorant khelte dekh rha tha

  17. Abhishek Pandey says

    Regaltos bhai aapke mobile phone ka kya name hai

  18. Rokovolie Sachü says

    He is better than Johnathan

  19. PPxxGamEszz says

    Jhony + rega 🔥

  20. braz0 games says

    rebel valo khel raha he

  21. Piyush Parmar says

    thodi awm chalana sikho bhai 2nd last game me

  22. Nikhil B Vitaly says

    Rega please don't be over aggressive … yesterday in vikendi match ..u went for kills but ur in open ..blaezi also got killed .. please check the situation and follow mortals calls 🤗

  23. Khusi Bhattarai says

    2:21:23 😂

  24. SOUL Regaltos says

    Hii regaltos IAM your very big fan in pubg lite I am regaltos

  25. Anshu Mishra says

    Rega + Rega Sniping =Jord

  26. Pooja Chavan says


  27. yeah me says

    awm ki itni bezzati toh mere jaise noob ne bhi ni ki hogi yar had hai

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